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Who Are The Best Bloggers of 2017 And How To Get Inspired By Them


Blogs are the centerpiece of sources, products, and news. Whether they’re hobby bloggers or the blogging big-shots, you can’t get enough of reading their content and reviews.

But there are bloggers who make you come back to their website. These are the blogs that offer compelling content, interesting topics, and you even learn a lot more from their posts than you think.

There has also been a spark in niche blogging. Rather than offering diverse topics, these blogs stick to a specific genre or topic. These topics go anywhere from traveling to coffee.

Are you looking for some blogs to follow and boost content marketing in 2018? Follow these bloggers that dominated the internet in 2017.

Joanna Goddard

Photo: Twitter

This website is all about the multiple facets of lifestyle. Blog owner Joanna Goddard covers diverse topics ranging from relationships, beauty, wellness, travel, and food.

Goddard has had some amazing experiences. She has seen exciting places. She has tried great food. And she always keeps up on the latest fashion trends.

Joanna Goddard’s blog, A Cup of Jo, reaches millions of visitors a month. But it took Joanna Goddard some time to get her blog to the status it’s at today. Goddard started her blog as a hobby, creating content only part-time. Now, she’s known as one of the biggest bloggers in the world. Goddard creates content full-time, and with monthly visitors in the millions, she’s able to live off of the advertising revenue her blog generates.

Photograph by shutterB via Bigstock

Perez Hilton


Photo: LA Times

Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr., better known as Perez Hilton, is one of the first successful bloggers in history. His celebrity gossip page still attracts millions. You probably see him glammed up on the red carpet, surrounded by the top celebrities.

But Perez didn’t intend to become a successful blogger. After graduating from NYU, his dream was to become a successful actor. As he was starting to act, he also created his blog.

His blog is controversial, but delivers enough juicy gossip to keep visitors coming back for more. Perez Hilton continues to dominate the celebrity gossip world with his blog.

Hannah Bronfman

Photo: W Magazine

Hannah Bronfman is the owner of HBFIT, which stands for “health, beauty, and fitness.” She made this blog to inspire others to live a lifestyle of health and wellness.

If you’re unsure about fitness and health or want additional advice, Hannah Bronfman offers tips and tricks to get in better shape and eat a healthy diet.

Hannah Bronfman also helps website visitors with makeup and beauty products. You can see her demonstrate these products and she gives her honest review.

But HBFIT has content for everyone. Diet plans, exercise routines, and everything else health and fitness. With 2018 coming up, her blog is great inspiration when you make your New Years resolution weight loss goals.

Becky Moore

Photo: GH

There are several travel blogs. But there’s none like GlobalGrasshopper. The blog was formed by Becky Moore. Since the blog’s formation, Moore received tremendous success such as winning awards and even being featured on the Travel Channel. What makes Moore stand out is her content — she doesn’t only offer great written content, but uses breathtaking photography as her content medium.

Becky Moore doesn’t only offer content and images from the most beautiful places from around the world. She helps you understand anyone can travel. Becky Moore offers travel advice ranging from hotel recommendations and discounted flights. Who said you can’t vacay on an exotic island while you’re on a budget?

Follow GlobalGrasshopper and be inspired for your next trip.

Pete Cashmore

Photo: Mashable

From his little home in Scotland, Pete Cashmore started blogging mecca Mashable. What’s Cashmore’s secret? He not only produced great content. He produced consistent content.

Mashable became a website that anyone could rely on. There was always great content posted. Because of this, Cashmore developed consistent readership.

Mashable also takes a huge stance on social media. Not only is the website regularly updated, but so are social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Angela Bekkala

Photo: Running Mag

Angela Bekkala proves there are no limits to be healthy. You don’t have to be young and beautiful to be fit — the fitness lifestyle is for anyone. This was her inspiration when she started Happy Fit Mama.

Bekkala doesn’t only want to prove fitness is vital for anyone at any age. She wants to prove fitness can be fun. Bekkala regularly posts fun workout routines and she spices up yoga and cardio. For the fitness foodies, Bekkala posts yummy recipes that are also healthy.

Ready to get in better shape? Angela Bekkala will help you with your fitness goals!

Rand Fishkin

Photo: Kissmetrics

If you need to learn SEO, there is no one you should trust more than Rand Fishkin. He is the brain of Moz, a website dedicated to assisting with your marketing needs. Moz was originally intended to be a design business, but Fishkin’s devotion to SEO gave Moz a new meaning.

The excellent quality of the content gives this website its appeal. But all professionals can take lessons from the incredible SEO advice. Moz offers a free blog, but a paid membership grants you more SEO tools.

If you want to improve your content marketing in 2018, these blogs and Iris Content will help you reach your goals. Regardless of the niche and topics, your blog deserves to be successful. Hosting your own blog takes a lot of dedication, but perseverance will help you gain a place next to these successful bloggers.

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