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How To Make Sure Your Content Marketing Efforts Pay Off



You’ve written the perfect blog post. You’re proud of the recipe – it’s got a generous dose of research, a smattering of vibrant visuals, a sprinkle of humor and a dash of storytelling. You publish it.

Then what? How do you know if it worked its magic on your audiences? How do you know if it’s the kind of content that should be incorporated into your content marketing for 2018?

Well, it’s time to measure your blog’s results.

Creating high-quality content is very important but equally essential is to ensure that this content provides results. Results that can be measured. Results that can be quantified. Results that tell you what’s working and what’s not. After all, how will you know if a brilliant student is indeed a budding genius if you don’t give her a test?

So, how do you measure the results of all your content marketing efforts? Here are some ways to measure the results and integrate them in your strategy for content marketing for 2018:

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Analyze Website Traffic

Google Analytics is your best friend. Why? Because it’s the best and most obvious way to gauge how well your website is doing in the virtual world. Look at page views, unique page views, time each visitor spent on your website and bounce rate (how quickly or slowly a visitor gets bored of your site and goes to another site).

If your content marketing is awesome, you should see a jump in the number of visitors, a boost in the time spent by them on your site and more pages viewed by each visitor.

If not, you’re not producing high-quality content.

Ranking on Search Engine Results Page

Your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) is closely related to the amount of traffic your website gets. You need to check if your website appears in at least the top 5 on a SERP when you search for certain keywords.

Avoid using generic keywords if you’re a local or small business. Instead, check your ranking using certain key phrases and specific keywords. For example, rather than searching for “best pizza restaurants in California” search for “best pizza restaurants in Los Angeles” or “best pizza restaurants in downtown Los Angeles.”

Check your Domain Authority

While making a list of measurement criteria you want to use for your content marketing for 2018, make sure to incorporate your domain authority (DA). Domain authority, as explained by Forbes, is a measure of the quantity and quality of inbound links on your website.

A good DA score not only signifies that you’re producing valuable content but ensures that you stay on the top rank on a SERP.

Moz is a great tool that you can use to check your DA score.

Email Subscribers and Followers

Often times it isn’t your DA score or your rank on Google that makes a difference. It’s your social media followers, email subscribers, likes, mentions, shares and retweets that show the effectiveness of your content.

Duct Tape Marketing suggests evaluating subscribers and followers differently depending on the type of business you have and what your business objectives are. For example, for most organizations, having a long list of email subscribers is more important than the number of Instagram followers.

Similarly, a jewelry designing company might view their Instagram followers, reposts and number of comments as more significant than Twitter followers.

Other Forms of Content Measurement

Here’s the truth about content in 2018: content marketing for 2018 isn’t all about blogging. Different forms of content such as Infographics, YouTube videos, podcasts, white papers, e-books and many more will be more important than blogging. Which means that if your business is producing content in other formats then you need to customize your measurement criteria accordingly.

That means seeing how many people have downloaded your infographics or purchased your e-book or seen your latest YouTube videos or listened to your podcast.

Sometimes analyzing your marketing efforts goes beyond the spreadsheet. Although a lot of marketers want to know if a blog has converted a visitor to a customer, the world isn’t so cut and dried.

Perhaps instead of measuring conversion and sales, you could see if there were more phone calls made to your office asking about a product. Or how many potential customers visited your store after reading your content. Or if clients requested a quote for a bulk product purchase. Or if customers sent enquires through your contact page.

Rewards and Recognition

Another key performance indictor that goes beyond the spreadsheet is if your content received recognition in the industry you operate in, whether you received an award for it (like “best video ads of 2017” or “top 5 podcasts to listen to about home loans”), whether you received a positive review from a customer or your content was mentioned in an industry leader’s latest blog.

Factor in rewards and recognition in your strategy for measuring your content’s performance in content marketing for 2018.

Use the above seven tips to check if your content marketing efforts are paying off. Note that every business has their own objectives and each measurement criteria should take into account these objectives.

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