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Are You a Content Marketing Warrior or Just a Noncombatant Entity?


There are content marketers who lead the army to battle and reign victoriously; these are the content marketers who raise their swords and shields in the air while screaming battle chants, marching bravely into battle.

And then there are the content marketers who can’t brave the battle; they become the fallen warriors, those whose spirits remain in the history of the content marketing war.

Content marketing warriors use their fighting skills to boost performance on search engines, increase conversion rates, and have expert training in inbound marketing to crush their competitors. With social media as an ally, content marketing warriors can conquer any battle.

Are you a content marketing warrior or a noncombatant entity? If you want your content marketing legacy to live on, read on to find out how to conquer as a content marketing warrior.

Produce Amazing Content

Warriors don’t win for no reason. A warrior becomes a fighter after years of training and developing skills.

The same goes for a content marketing warrior. You need to create amazing content that will engage your audience.

Regularly produce content that has superb writing. Include media such as video and images.

Choose topics that will entice your audience so your content doesn’t fall short.

If your team is in charge of creating content, lead them to victory. Give your team the swords and shields of SEO and inbound marketing to produce victorious content. A leader trains their army to win, and you must do the same with your content marketing army.

This piece of advice seems like a no-brainer, but it’s the most essential part about becoming a content marketer. A warrior doesn’t simply do the training and become a fighter; a warrior lives and breathes their skill until it becomes a part of them. A content marketer has to live and breathe through their content so it can become successful.

Track Your Metrics

Click-through rates and conversion rates can be such a yawn. But, if a warrior has to track their progresses then so do you.

Make it a habit to check your daily, weekly or monthly website and social media statistics. Look for metrics concerning engagement, leads, sales, and traffic.

If you notice your visits are declining compared to a previous week or month, compare your activity from then and now. If you notice your social media is gaining more attention than your website, boost the performance of your website. Pay attention to leads such as subscribers.

While content is a huge factor with engagement and leads, don’t forget about factors such as consistency and UI/UX. Use these tools on your social media as well as your website.

Metrics are the best constructive criticism to find out if your content is working or it isn’t. If you want to be the winning warrior, you have to risk defeat to excel.

Have a Goal in Mind

Just like how any warrior plans their attack, a content marketing warrior has to plan their content marketing strategy.

Whether you’re setting daily goals or long-term progress expectations for the battle field, documenting your goals and progress will help you see your strengths and your weaknesses.

Start with a simple document outlining your content marketing goals.

From there, you can develop a more complex strategy to defeat your opponents. Strive to invade their camp or attack them from behind. When your content marketing enemies see your victory, they will surrender in defeat.

This is the difference between a warrior and a noncombatant entity: a warrior knows their strengths and can exercise them. A noncombatant entity is too intimidated to identify their weaknesses and can’t put their strengths to good use.

Engage with Your Audience

You create content for your audience, like a warrior fights to achieve victory for his/her people. While earning money and receiving new followers is great, engaging your audience is the factor that separates you from “just an interesting article” to “I’m going to subscribe.”

How do you engage with your audience? Respond to comments, emails, and messages. Join forums and groups of your niche, and talk to the members of those groups. Host events and contests for your audience to participate and meet them through there.

Everyone enjoys personable attention. When you connect with your audience, they will care about your brand.

If you see yourself riding on horseback through town after battle, and the townsfolk tossing flowers in your direction, then you need to start engaging with your audience.

Now Become a Content Marketing Warrior

You’re now on your way to becoming a victorious content marketing warrior. Take your chosen weapons and slay low conversion rates, conquer SEO, and win the content marketing battle so your brand’s victory is etched in content marketing history.

We at Iris Content are victorious content marketers who conquer the content marketing battlefield. Contact us if you need us for combat.

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Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 20 years of experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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