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5 Essential Tips for Saving Money by Going Big With Your Content Marketing



Would you like to start a content marketing campaign? Are you worried the costs will exceed your budget? According to DemandMetric, 90% of all organizations use content in their marketing efforts, so it can’t be that expensive. In fact, the same source estimates that launching and maintaining a content marketing campaign is 62% cheaper than launching and maintaining any other type of marketing campaign.

We’re here to prove you can save money and go big with your content marketing no matter how limited your budget is, and we’ll teach you how in the following lines.

5 Tips to Save Money and Go Big with Content Marketing

1. Start a Blog

You can do that by simply adding a page to your company website, linking to it from the main page, and posting content on it. WordPress is the most versatile and intuitive CMS for blogging. Besides being easy to use, it lets you include photos, videos, links, and social media distribution buttons in your posts.

2. Create Social Media Profiles and Build Your Audience

Perhaps you’ve already done this. If you haven’t, now is a good time to start. Build company profiles on all social media platforms your target audience uses (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Use any email addresses you have to connect with your audience and their connections on the respective platforms.

3. Plan, Create, and Review Your Blog Posts

The first step to creating content is choosing the topics. Discuss with your sales or customer care representatives to find out what questions potential clients asks and what objections they have to your products and or services. You can address those questions and concerns in your points. Do not turn your back on educational content either, and don’t hesitate to create posts that show readers how your products and/or services work, what differentiates them from the competitors’, etc.

For actually writing the blog posts, you have three options: write them yourself (you or your employees/team members), hire a freelancer, or work with a copywriting agency. Depending on your company profile, it can be difficult to find someone with the time and writing skills required to create interesting blog posts. Hiring a freelancer could be difficult and expensive, since you would need to track and edit their submissions, not to mention that good ones have rather high rates.

Your best option could be a copywriting agency. They have low rates and complex quality assurance systems that cover content originality, keyword research and usage, linking, structure, formatting, and proofreading. Moreover, with several writers to choose from, they will likely assign your posts to someone with experience in your line of business and provide satisfactory results.

4. Publish Content Regularly and Distribute It on Social Media

You should post new content at least once a week, preferably every other day. You should create several short and intriguing presentations and promote your content on the social media. In your presentations, don’t hesitate to include questions and challenge your audience to interact. Remember to publish your blog and social media posts at the times when your audience is most likely to be online and see them, and don’t hesitate to share the same content several times, with different titles and presentations.

5. Improve and Expand Your Content Marketing

By monitoring traffic and reactions to your content (views per post, click throughs, comments, social media interactions, etc.), you can see what type of content your audience prefers and use this information to create better content. Update the posts that receive the best feedback, turn them into video content, and link to them wherever appropriate.

Use your content’s ROI to create even more, better content. Publish posts more frequently, diversify your content to include infographics, webinars, and videos, invest in guest posts and press releases, and upgrade to higher quality, more expensive content. As your content begins to improve, its ROI will grow as well, so you have nothing to lose.

Drawing the Line – Is Content Marketing That Expensive?

Those who claim that content marketing is expensive either have no idea how to do it or are trying to justify their incredibly high rates. As Neil Patel points out, it is possible to do content marketing on a shoestring budget. The trick is to begin with the bare minimum essentials, and build your way gradually from there.

As you are about to discover, content is the most effective form of marketing, so it pays off to reallocate funds originally allocated to other types of marketing. Following the tips above, you can easily build your brand, boost traffic to your website, and increase sales. This will allow you to reduce or even eliminate other marketing expenses and will, therefore, save you time, money, and effort.

At Iris Content, we can help you build a simple but effective content strategy and provide you with high-quality, relevant, original, and engaging content within the limits of your budget. Contact us now, and let’s work out the content marketing plan that will boost traffic to your website, engage your audience, and increase your conversion rates!

“Those who claim that content marketing is expensive either have no idea how to do it or are trying to justify their incredibly high rates. ”

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