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The Summer’s Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns Your Content Marketing Campaign Can Learn From



Social media is here to stay and brands are increasingly turning towards it to promote their products. People, especially youngsters from generation Z, are more likely to consume social media voraciously than look at a billboard, watch a traditional video advertisement on TV during a commercial break or glance at a print ad in a magazine. Customers are looking at mobile screens now more than ever.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see several brands putting efforts in promoting their products on social media. One such way for brands, both large and small, to reach potential customers is by hiring social media influencers to subtly endorse their products.

Influencer marketing is becoming so popular that, in a recent study, 86% of marketers claimed to be using it.

Influencer marketing is different from celebrity endorsements because, unlike celebrities, influencers specialize in their niche. They’ve built a loyal fan-following and their followers trust them to endorse products they genuinely like and brands they really believe in. Influencer marketing is also different from celebrity endorsements because influencers engage in conversations with their followers.


Moreover, content in influencer marketing campaigns is created by the influencer and not the company.

So, what can content marketers learn from influencer marketing campaigns? What lessons can be incorporated in a content marketing campaign? Here’s a look at 4 of the best influencer marketing campaigns in 2017:

Glossier and Amy Serrano

Glossier is a new brand that was founded in 2014. The cosmetics company has a strong influencer marketing campaign that focuses on partnering with influencers to promote their brand. They signed on YouTube vlogger Amy Serrano, who has more than 110,000 subscribers, to review their priming moisturizing rich product.

The review has been viewed more than 5,000 times.

Serrano also promoted their lipstick by posting a photo on Instagram where she claims to still be eating her birthday cake. The accompanying image shows some cake and a Glossier lipstick suggesting that the lipstick didn’t fade while she was devouring her birthday cake.

What we can learn: A content marketing campaign should always aim to authentically engage with their readers. Capitalize on favorable product reviews to encourage potential customers to try your product. Nothing makes customers buy a product more than a good review.

Fiji and Danielle Bernstein

Fiji water is often seen as bottled water sold in hotel rooms. Nobody really goes out of their way to buy the brand’s crystal clear water. But Fiji attempted to change this perception by roping in Instagram influencer Danielle Bernstein of @WhoWhatWear. She boasts an impressive 1.7 million followers.

Dressed in active wear, Bernstein is seen holding the bottled water. Within 18 hours of posting the picture, it’s gathered an impressive 1,189 likes.

What we can learn: Any content marketing campaign should focus on building a loyal audience. Fiji effectively capitalized on Bernstein’s audience to sponsor their product. Brands should focus on building their audience by inviting influencers and niche writers to pen guest posts on their website.

Virgil Abloh and Nike

What happens when the founder of a popular rap and streetwear fashion label collaborates with an extremely famous sportswear brand? They create an exclusive product. Abloh, Off-White’s founder, partnered with Nike to create a limited edition line of sneakers that quickly became a cool product to own.

Before launching the sneakers, Abloh promoted it extensively on his Instagram account. It wasn’t long before all his followers wanted to own a pair.

What we can learn: Don’t underestimate the power of exclusivity. People always want things they can’t have. If you have a limited stock of a new product, infuse your content marketing campaign with a feeling of exclusivity.

Fashion Nova and Nicky Gile

Global fashion brand Fashion Nova doesn’t rely on traditional marketing channels to highlight their myriad products. Instead, it uses several influencers. They recently collaborated with Nicky Gile, an influencer residing in Miami and boasting 969,000 followers to promote their tennis court outfit.

Calling her a Nova babe, the fashion label invited customers to post themselves wearing their outfits in order to win a chance to be featured on their website

What we can learn: Your customers are your stars. Let them be the center of attention. Organize contests with a prize to be featured on your website. Let them do the talking. Let them be a spokesperson for your brand.

Influencer marketing campaigns effectively capitalize on social media stars who have built a loyal fan base to subtly endorse their products. Content created by influencers and popular customers can be used to market products in an authentic manner.

Instead of your company constantly drumming about the benefits of your products, let your most powerful customers do the talking. Customer-generated content is in and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

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