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How to Do Content Personalization Right and Win An Audience in The Process


JUNE 2017

In today’s marketing industry, marketers know fully well how content marketing works and how it is such a valuable piece of marketing strategy. Even with great content marketing tips, it has become more and more difficult to reach out to today’s customers and would-be clients. Even if your marketing team has come up with what it deems as the perfect content strategy, it still doesn’t guarantee that your content will have the widest reach possible to your target audience.

This is why in content creation, personalization is necessary to be able to connect with consumers. There is indeed a growing need for it in content marketing. A published study by Gartner concluded that by 2018, personalization strategies by companies would have greater returns than those who have not embraced personalization as a necessary tool. It has already made an impact on how companies treat their customers.

What then is personalization?

It’s all about making content that stands out from your nearest competitors and winning the customers’ attention. This is the goal of personalization – creating the right content and putting it in the hands or eyes of the right people, through the right platforms. It is creating content that’s already ready for the consumer because you’ve basically prepared what he needs and know what his interests are. All he needs to do is read and consume because he knows it was made for him and that it will solve his problems and answer his questions. This saves him tons of time going through the clutter of other content that’s already out there.

Content marketing tips for personalization

Some experts will say that personalization in content marketing may be longer in form and less automated. Which begs to ask, is it still worth doing than the more personalized marketing strategies like email? If you don’t have a large budget set for content marketing, will personalization even be worth considering? Here are 3 content marketing tips to start your personalization strategies.

  1. Know your audience

This tip seems to be on every list of any marketing strategy. So it must be one of the most important methods. But knowing your target audience will help you plan how to leverage data and start your personalization. Who are you targeting? What are the pain points that your customers keep experiencing? How do they look for help and who do they go to in solving their problems?

Talk to some of the people who work in the companies or industries you are targeting. Get to know what they really care about every day. What keeps them up at night? How they answer you will give you an idea on how to write your content because you will be using the language they use so that it speaks to them directly.

By knowing your audience, you will get to communicate with them exactly what their needs are and their preferences.

  1. Take baby steps and segment your audience

Small-scale personalization is effective, but it also takes some work to do. Do a little personalized outreach through emails, surveys or questionnaires to a hundred of your contacts. This will give you a better picture on how to segment your list by discipline. According to Doug Kessler, start with intelligent segmentation by discipline. This is important to make personalization more manageable and methodical. This will help in organizing your website with the right content. The next segmentation could be by business size, revenue, geography, etc.

  1. Use data with technology

Data is probably the most useful aspect in personalization. It can make you know your audience better, and it can help you predict future trends and behaviors to build greater relationships with your audience. This will be beneficial to you because you can use the data to gain more engagement with prospects and customers throughout their buying journey. Content personalization will actually guide customers faster because you have their attention, you have what they need based on the data you know about them.

Technology then is the best partner of data. Technology connects your web analytics tools and other data sources to give you ways to improve the customer experience with a more personalized content.

To sum up…

It may not be easy, but the good news is that it is possible. Is your company doing content personalization already? If you want to start personalizing, you could start by redesigning your calls to action or rehashing your headlines to make them more engaging to the right segments.

Again, the methods may be difficult, and the process takes time which is why some marketers do not personalize content. They either don’t have the technology or don’t have the resources. Don’t be a statistic and follow these great content marketing tips. Get help today with personalization through Iris Content. We will show you the light at the end of the marketers’ tunnel and help you get to the right audience.



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Annie Ianko

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