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Does Your Content Reflect Your Brand’s Voice? Here’s How to Improve That


MAY 2017

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. It needs to be reflected in everything that you do including your content marketing. Keeping a consistent voice throughout all platforms that you publish on will help customers recognize what your company stands for and what values that you have to offer. When you are developing your content marketing, it can be difficult to find your brand’s voice. You may have a variety of people managing different aspects of your content marketing plan, and you may need help fast. By having a strong, consistent brand message throughout all your content posts, you will be able to control what information you portray to your customers in terms of content and stay on point in your message creation. Here are some ways that you can ensure your content is reflective of your brand the voice that you want to portray through your marketing efforts.

Identify Your Audience

Knowing who you are writing for can help you determine how you want to approach your audience. Understanding everything about your customer and who your readers are can make it easier to determine what type of brand voice you need to have with them. Men and women respond differently to content as well as the age make up of your readers and their education level. This can help you create content marketing that is useful regarding the voice that will resonate with your customers and gain you a following of readers for your media platforms.

Find Your Style And Tone

Having a style and tone that is consistent throughout all your content can be a successful way to make sure your brand voice is heard they same way be each reader that follows your content. Creating different styles throughout your content can cause readers to become confused and not fully understand what your brand is trying to say. Pick a style and stick with it. Develop it thoroughly throughout all your content and make sure the tone of writing is constant as well. Identify a writing style that seems to work well for your readers. The tone should also be the same across all your writers and clearly signal that what your brand message is.

Keep Your Message Consistent

When using multiple media platforms to disseminate your message, it can be easy to get lost in the me-too crowd and forget that you have a brand voice that you are trying to portray. Think about what you want to say to your readers and make sure this message is consistent across all forms of media from blogs and social media to your website and additional article information. Keeping your message clear will help make your brand voice be identifiable with your customer base and allow every reader that comes in contact with your business to fully understand what you vision is for your company.

Build Trust With Your Readers

Keeping your message consistent will go a long way in building trust with your readers as they come to rely on you to provide them with content that is engaging. You need to establish that you are an authority on the subject that you are conveying and make sure to give your customers content that they need on a regular basis. They should be able to rely on you to deliver quality content frequently that makes an impression with them. Not only will your readers come to trust your business but they will value your brand for what it provides them. This will allow you to gain loyal customers that stick with your business because of the values you have and content you deliver.

Review Often

It is not enough to create your message and walk away. You need to remain vigilant to your readers and work to update your approach. What is working today may not work for your readers tomorrow. Your customers need to be stimulated, as they can get bored with what you have to say easily. Make a point of reviewing your content marketing strategy and what your brand message currently is. As your business evolves so will your message and you need to make sure update it so you can continue to reach your customers and remain visible to them.

Finding your brand voice can help your business deliver content that reaches readers and connects with them on a new level. Your message will be heard, and you will garner the attention of your customers that turn to your company to give them the information they seek while understanding the values that you brand offers.

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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