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What Does Your Style Say About Your Content Creation Success?


MAY 2017

Creating generous amounts of content is important to your business marketing strategy. But, having this content created by multiple people with your organization can create chaos on the web. You have a variety of different people each putting a spin on your company’s brand. There is a way to control the message that you put out to your customers by incorporating a style guide that all content creators follow no matter the medium used to disseminate information to your clients.

If your content marketing plan could use some help when it comes to integrating a specific style to your brand message, these tips can help you create a style guide that your business can follow and implement with ease.


1.     Identify Your Content Creation Target Audience

Understanding who your readers are and what level of understanding they already have for your business can help you identify where you need to concentrate your style efforts. Many acronyms may no longer need explanation and can simply be used as is. Create a basic overview of what terms can be used without definition in your content creation. This will allow your content creators to easily work through the material and make sure your message stays within the context of your readers’ comprehension.

2.     Focus On Your Style Differences

Your business may have a specific way of doing things when it comes to content creation. When developing your style guide, you can embrace these instances and make them your own. You just need to let everyone in your organization recognize that this is the way your want information written and displayed. Include these specific references in your style guide and make this your “go-to” way of keeping your message consistent among your writers.

3.     Decide On A Direction To Follow

Your content marketing may need additional help with deciding on a format that is right for your readers. The AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style are both perfectly acceptable to base your basic style format after and are good sources to fall back on when style differences occur. Choose one and stick with it through all your content writing. This will give your content writers direction and focus on how to create content that is consistent throughout your company’s content marketing strategy.

4.     Make Your Guide Specific To Your Organization

The more you can create specifics in your style guide the easier it will be for your content writers to hone in on your business’ message and follow it to a tee. You may have certain ways to reference product specifications or a service that your business offers. Your message may include exact phrasing or a unique way to address your customers. Write it all down in detail and make sure your content marketers get the help they need in developing your stylized message whether it be through social media, your website or a blog. Consistency is key across the board as well as communicating to all parties what the style vision is for your business.

5.     Integrate Your Guide Into Your Daily Business

Crafting a style guide will only get your business so far unless you promote, stand by it, and integrate it into your daily business writing. You want all team members to be on board with your style guide and follow it like a religion. You should make it a priority in your business and ensure everyone that creates content for you understands its importance. Help your content marketing staff to recognize the significance of staying on message and using the appropriate style along with it.

6.     Allow For Style Changes

The style guide you create today doesn’t have to be written in stone for eternity. Allow for some flexibility in your company’s style guide and update it frequently. As your business changes, so will your content marketing needs and you will need to adjust accordingly. Making changes to your style guide will be necessary as time goes on and your company message evolves. Make sure you remain vigilant in your efforts and keep everyone that creates content informed on any updates that need to occur.

With a style guide developed for your business, you will have more efficiency and cohesion in your content marketing strategy. You will come off as more professional in your writing and not be haphazardly creating content that doesn’t live up to the standards that you have set for your business

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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