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The Future Looks Bright – 3 Influential Predictions For Content Marketing


MAY 2017

(Part 1)

The greatest marketing minds always have their sights in the future. Only those with a keen foresight to plan ahead, foresee changes, and wrestle with trends way before their competition dominate this field. If you blink, you could lose out on some of what experts in content marketing predict are going to be big this 2017 and beyond. Get ready for an exciting, complex and volatile industry with these predictions that are sure to shake up the game.

Live videos will be big

What is it about videos that people love so much? Experts in content agree, videos bring the highest ROI. That’s why more and more are doing it.

In 2016, video made one giant leap even further and that was to go live. There were brands that ventured into the live craze and were hooked. Why? Because they experienced even greater results than with pre-recorded video. Now efforts and budget are being diverted into ramping up their live video campaigns.

Experts in content marketing list the benefits of going live

There are so many tangible benefits for products and companies, content marketers and even consumers when they use live video. The present-day consumer and social media regulars are thirsty for more live video. Nowadays, you will hear experts in content marketing say that a live stream event increases brand favorability and instantly becomes the user preference.


  1. Accessibility – You can go mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop – whatever you have right now, you can go live for everyone to see – right now. No script? No problem! Going live doesn’t require you to have one.


  1. It gets personal – No stiff scripts and rehearsed dialogues here. Its spontaneity element makes you real to your audience. It makes you more human.


  1. It has more appeal – The general population of consumers prefer visual to written content. Even more so now with the advent of faster internet and accessibility, everyone can watch videos anytime, anywhere.


  1. Its interactive – So going live can make marketers interact with their audience in a different way. It’s not like in a telephone conversation or a television commercial. Going live can make your audience get instant answers through live feedback and questioning in the comments. You get more engagement and creates a kind of bond with those watching. This chemistry can be seen by the many eyes of your entire online audience watching live.


  1. A sense of urgency – Maybe it’s the word itself that lures us to watch and stay on. When people see the word live, they’d want to know what is happening as we speak and at that very moment. Call it a heightened sense of curiosity, natural nosiness or just plain FOMO. Whatever it is, people like watching something live and stay on longer in a live video than on a video that ended already.


  1. So many post-live uses – Others have just a fleeting video (Snapchat, Messenger Day, Instagram Your Story) but still there are those platforms that keep your videos after going live. You can still do plenty with it – transcribe the text for your blog, turn it into smaller clips for YouTube or for Twitter posts, or use it for GIFS and other visual purposes.

Live video is good for business

There are many ways to use live video:

  • Introduce your new products
  • Broadcast live events
  • Conduct a survey
  • Conduct an interview
  • Show how your product is made
  • Host a training session
  • Host a commentary
  • Host a Q&A session or Question of the Day
  • Host a contest
  • Show Behind-the-Scenes


It’s no secret. Marketers want to capture the attention of the consumers and eventually their wallets, and so are doubling efforts to use live video in the future of their marketing campaigns. The only limits that experts in content marketing have are budget, creativity and their imagination.

This first prediction will be significant, if not the most spot-on in the near future. Next we tackle the 2nd prediction: Building Online Brand Communities

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 20 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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