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The 6 Keys to Inspire, Persuade, and Motivate Your Audience


APRIL 2017

Public speaking is no different from writing. If you’re a motivational speaker, it’s almost the same as writing a motivational speech. Maybe writers are scared of a live audience that’s why they put their words on paper. Like they say, if you can’t do, teach! So if you can’t speak, write!

Let’s face it, speaking is scary! A hundred people in the audience translate to 2 hundred eyes all waiting to pounce on your every word of persuasion, motivation or inspiration. So be prepared. Preparation is the hardest part in any speech or written essay. You want to inspire, persuade and motivate, right? Well, without preparation, you’re only saying words that go from one ear and out the other! That’s 2 hundred ears you’re dealing with!

These tips will help you prepare quality content that even the most uninterested reader would want to hear you out:

  1. Know who your audience is

Before you can come up with a piece that can inspire, persuade, motivate or even entertain, know who will be listening or reading your material. It must be relatable to your audience – their experiences, their expectations, their life goals, habits and lifestyles. If they can relate, your message can be acted upon easier. So, if it can’t connect in the first place, rethink your strategy.

Expert content writers know who to target when they’re coming up with material.

  1. Start and end with a bang

The most important words are the first ones you write. That’s why headlines are very important. If you catch your audience with a good headline, don’t stop there! Your opening statements in the first paragraph are equally important or else interest wanes. You started off strong and you’re drifting your audience away to Snooze Land. Just as you started, you should end your piece with a bang too. You call to action should be persuasive enough for them to click it.

Of course, your statements should be relevant. Quality content won’t have meaning if relevance is ignored. An expert content writer comes up with different headlines and opening statements before deciding on the final one. Don’t rush it!

  1. Say the right message

Have one message you want to convey and do it right! Having too many things to persuade people to do can be confusing. Your audience may have difficulty focusing on which ones to do first. Make your statement punchy so readers will get the focal point and bring it home with them. You don’t want your audience to end up thinking, “Which one is he really talking about?”

  1. Persuade using everyday events

By making people aware of the events taking place right now, we can persuade people to stop and think for a while. Give them a “Here’s what’s in it for you now” moment and they will stop, think and rethink. Present both sides of extremes and then offer the “just right” one, which is the better one of the other two. 

  1. Motivate the psychological way

If you’re trying to motivate your audience into doing some kind of action, give them the perfect reason why they have to do it. Give them the image of the benefits of doing it. Let them picture in their minds what a better life they can have just by doing one action.

Motivation is all in the mind. It should arouse one to do what is asked of them. Why? Because you want to help them in some ways get out of their unsatisfied lot in life. You want them to reach their goals and meet their needs or desires.

  1. Inspire through emotions

Once you tap your audience’s emotions, you have them hooked – whether you make eyes well up through someone else’s touching story or through a comedian’s hilarious spiel. Ask them what they are capable of doing? Let them imagine a scenario of the fulfilment of their dreams – new car, lottery – whatever! See their eyes widen for sure. That feeling of being filled with inspiration is what everyone wants to hold on to. It’s what compels one to motivate himself, all by himself.

Are you ready to persuade, inspire and motivate your audience? Be that expert content writer you’ve always wanted to be by practicing these great content marketing tips.

So many tips, so little time. But time is what great content writing should be investing in.  You may think that quality content is easy to do. If it can connect to an audience, then inspiring, persuading and motivating them will be easy.  Let all the other marketing strategies chill for a while. I assure you, it will be worth the wait.

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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