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How Will Content Marketing Evolve in the Next 5 Years?


APRIL 2017

I wish I had a crystal ball that I can just go to know where content marketing will be in the next, oh say, 5 years. I can take a look at how our local mom and pop corner store has suddenly become a full-service supermarket. Or maybe the future doesn’t look so bright for the once high and mighty pizza delivery business on the other side of town.

But alas, I don’t have a crystal ball but I can always make predictions. And industry experts are always updating us with what lies ahead. Let’s see how content marketing would look like within the next 5 years and do we, the content marketing providers, still have jobs

The need for viral content

It’s undeniable that viral content has helped businesses get leads. For sure, in the years to come, there will be an increasing demand for fresh and viral content in all sectors and industries. By having a web presence, your viral content can boost sales by offering valuable information for your audience.

The need for custom content

It’s not just general content you’re publishing but a personalized brand content. This one gets readers involved and it appeals to them being the end-user by building up their interest. Brands want to have a personal connection with their audience and custom content helps businesses share their brand expertise and knowledge to their customers through their site blogs.

The ascendance of AR

Augmented reality is probably never even heard of in content marketing but it will be big in the years to come and brands will be scrambling to get a piece of it for whatever advertising purpose they have. Take for instance the success of Pokémon Go, however brief it was, it cannot be overlooked and if brands can be the first to use this content format, then the future will look bright. It is after all, a great story-telling platform. I can imagine the construction and home improvement sector gaining a lot with this format.

The dominance of live video

It’s here and it’s dominating all other formats. In the near future, live videos will be more interactive and that audiences will have greater participation. While it may be costly to prepare live feeds, its power to attract consumers will pay off.

The discriminating taste of consumers

You think you can’t please everybody? Well, you have to. Brands have to deliver even higher quality content because in the coming years, consumers will be more discriminating and selective. You will see a decrease in search rankings of poor quality content and thereby making these brands suffer in the market. So brands should invest on a good content marketing provider with a great content strategy to have the edge over those who are just starting and struggling to catch up.

The craving for connection

Access will be big in the coming years. People will crave for more connectivity through their mobile devices and smartphones. And content marketers will jump even higher to get brands seen through this platform. It was big the past years; it will be even bigger in the next 5 years.

The creativity of native advertising

By designing the look and feel of an article, native advertising uses a different tactic from the normal ads. Yes, we all hate ads but these native ads are placed strategically within the reading flow. They don’t disrupt your reading experience. This results in a more engaged reader and in a way, more open to the ad’s message.

The flexibility of content length

It has been debated and unresolved. Which would be a wiser investment, long or short form content? In the next 5 years, do brands invest on the more expensive but link-heavy long form or on the more shareable and viral-able short form content? The answer will depend on your target audience. There will always be lovers of long form (more reading, more information) and short form (more posts to be read, more to be shared), you just have to know which one to use.

The rise of screenless search

Voice search will have a huge impact in the next few years. Call it lazy but there will be a need to eliminate the use of one’s hands and eyes in search and browsing. Hello Siri and Alexa! Who else are coming over and conversing with you?

The new SEO

As long as there are searchers, there will always be SEO. But SERPs will now give us more than just a list of websites to click on. Knowledge Graph results and big, visually attracting rich answers will dominate more because they give instant answers to queries even without having to click on a result. The challenge here is for a content marketing provider to optimize websites wisely to suit rich answers.

Who really knows how content marketing will evolve in the next 5 years? My crystal ball may not be so crystal clear but it helps to think outside the box and way ahead into the future.

So where is your content marketing going? Is it moving with the flow with a wait-and-see attitude? Or are you pulling ahead of the pack and finding out how else to stand out of the competition? If your brand is not into any of these evolutionary trends, then you should be consulting with a content marketing provider like Iris Content. Contact us now and let us help take your business to flight well into 2022!

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Officer

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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