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What the Marvel Universe Heroes Teach You about Web Content


MARCH 2017

Whoever said you can’t learn anything from comic books must not be skilled at reading between the lines. The average superhero backstory can easily be dissected into hilarious stand-up comedy material, science experiment ideas and profound life lessons. When building your online presence, you can learn a lot about developing quality web content just by slightly dissecting the star heroes and heroines of the Marvel Universe.

Iron Man: Captivate the Audience in 5 Seconds or Less

Tony Stark knows how to immediately grab an audience’s attention. Whether introducing weapons at a Stark Industries Expo or showcasing a new Iron Man suit feature in the heat of battle, Tony knew the value of instant captivation. Quality web content grabs the audience’s attention immediately. According to The Guardian, you have a maximum of 5 seconds to make an impression before losing 1/3 of your online traffic. Be more like Iron Man; use that time wisely.  

Captain America: Old Content, New Spin

They say there is “nothing new under the sun.” You may feel the same way about the topics you want to cover on your website. The key is not to avoid old topics, but to fully embrace them – finding an effective way to thaw it out and make it useful today. That is what S.H.I.E.L.D. did when they defrosted Captain America, gave him a few upgrades and allowed him to lead. That is what Disney did when it bought Marvel. That is what you can do by putting a fresh, new spin on old concepts that have been “on ice” but are still relevant.

Black Widow: Stick to the Strategy

It’s all about the strategy. Black Widow knew that during her years of espionage and tenure with the Avengers. How well do you stick to your website content strategy? Perhaps a better question is, “Do you even have a strategy?” In addition to saving time and money, a solid content strategy gives your online presence the organic SEO boost it needs to draw a bigger audience.

The Incredible Hulk: More Structure, Less Chaos

Bruce Banner understood the need for structure. Without structure and balance, he became an uncontrollable monster. With structure and balance, he became an unstoppable superhero. Complement your content strategy with structure and balance to avoid any unnecessary chaos that would otherwise emerge but feel free to add a little “Hulk Smash” to liven it up on occasion.

Jean Grey: Get into the Minds of Your Audience

Your content should appeal to your audience as if you are inside of their heads, understanding their thoughts and desires regarding what you offer. That type of clairvoyance allowed Jean Grey to control more with her mind than many other heroes could every do. Having that keen insight with your content allows you to reach your audience in a way that no other competitor could.    

Hawkeye: Simple Tactics Still Hit the Mark

It’s somewhat hilarious that Hawkeye was a powerless Avenger; all he had was a bow and arrow. What lesson can this skilled archer teach you about web content? Simplicity is still effective. Your content does not need all the super-powered “bells and whistles” to get the job done. You will hit your mark in much less time with a simple yet effective approach.

Rogue: Absorb Resources, Use Them to Your Advantage

Rogue once viewed her mutated personal touch as a bad thing – especially since she could kill a person with her bare hands by just touching them. The silver lining of this dark cloud was that, when used against other mutants, she could use their new powers to her advantage. Do not view researching and adding content from other sources as a bad thing. When blended together wisely, your content will make a bigger impact.

Sue Storm: Make Yourself Invisible, Focus on the Facts

Your professional website is not your personal diary. Your personal presence and opinion should essentially be invisible within your content like Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) when it was time to get to work and be “fantastic.” You will quickly notice that you can get a lot more accomplished when you keep your personal presence below the radar.

Wolverine: Ignore Attacks, Heal and Move Forward

The presence of online trolls is steadily growing year after year. One survey showed that nearly 30 percent of Americans admitted to directing “malicious online activity” at someone they did not know. Chances are that these malicious monsters will find a way to attack your content at one point or another. When that occurs, overreacting and “giving them a piece of your mind” is exactly what they want you to do. Instead, take the Wolverine approach. Heal those wounds immediately as if it was a superpower and keep moving forward. Your resilience and nonchalant attitude to irrelevant foolishness will build and engage your audience even more.

Spider-Man: Be Ready to Swing into Action

Trending topics come and go, but they can give your website content a major boost of organic exposure if you capitalize on them right away. However, do not force it! Never highlight a trending topic in your content that has no legitimate connection to your brand. Doing so will backfire, causing you to lose more readers than you gain.

The key is to swing into action like Spider-Man, but be smart about your approach. Peter Parker never changed into his Spider-Man outfit on a crowded street in the daytime, because it would have exposed his secret identity. You never want to expose your brand identity by trying to ride a trending wave in a beach where your brand does not belong.

Iris Content Delivers Heroic Content!

Nick Fury knew that he could not get the job done by himself at S.H.I.E.L.D. so he called in the Avengers to help him achieve his goal. Allow the “superheroes” at Iris Content to assemble on your behalf – going above and beyond to save the day with high-quality content for your website.

Annie Ianko

Chief Content Geek

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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