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The Best TV And Movie Blockbusters So Far This Year And Why Their Content Worked


MARCH 2017

In the first quarter of 2017 television and film have embraced content marketing without probably knowing it. But since many movies and TV shows are so successful in only 3 months, both content marketers and brands should take a serious look at how they did it.

Let’s look at a few blockbuster movies and televisions shows this year and see why audiences became glued at theaters or in their living rooms.


Opened March 17, 2017

Box-office to date: $167M


Brand storytelling is huge in content marketing. Brands don’t just put money on advertising anymore.

Case in point is The Lego Batman Movie that is disguised as a two-hour commercial. This sequel to The Lego Movie is a great example of brand storytelling. Both films used strategies that were about the brand Lego. It used a great storyline to engage audiences to look beyond what it really is: advertising. It was like a mind trick for audiences to pay for and see one big ad.

But in its defense, I can say what made this movie a box-office success is the quality content it produced. Its storytelling was impeccable and the level of entertainment was very high.


Movie: LOGAN

Opened: March 3, 2017

Box-office to date: $185M


Audiences craved for another Marvel sequel to the X-Men franchise. People cannot seem to get enough of these comic book-based films!  And content marketers know so well how repurposing content can make blockbuster wonders. It’s not only that, by creating another sequel, studios don’t really risk bombing at the box-office because they’re actually giving audiences what they want – characters they already adore.

Last year, we saw X-Men: Apocalypse. Now, we see again a movie about our favorite X-Men: Wolverine. But this time, he’s not so agile and has dwindling self-healing powers. This hero ageing tactic is perfect for tugging at the emotions of Logan fans. Our hero in his twilight days? We have to watch it, it may be his last.



Opened: February 10, 2017

Box-office to date: $188M

In the original 1991 version, the character Cogsworth shows Belle the castle’s façade and goes, “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it!”

Why change something that’s been a proven success and is as old as time. Use a time tested, age-old successful plot: Love conquers all. Or good trumps evil.

The audience that loved the first movie 26 years ago have all grown older and are raring to see a reboot of their favorite Brothers Grimm story.

It has a wonderfully inviting play of emotions that audiences allowed Disney to do to them. We all love a decent story, but an excellent story will stir up emotions and tug strings that come from the heart and soul of a dedicated audience. It invokes both laughter and tears – and we welcomed both.



Now a television show’s success is hard to measure. But these two will show you some great content 2017 even if it’s still quarter 1.



IMDB Rating: 8.9

No. of viewers: 12.8 million


The season finale of This Is Us hit its peak with the 18-49 age range. This range, by the way is the target demographic that advertisers love.

Plot is simple. Strategy is brilliant. Have a story about a wife who gives birth to triplets on the husband’s birthday. Show how their relationships demonstrates the emotional ties that bind and release each one of the characters. Four of them have the same birthdays remember.

They gave previews of the series which generated a lot of buzz with the return of Mandy Moore and a buffed Milo Ventimiglia. The social media chatter never died down on Facebook and Twitter.

It was the trailer that did it, maybe. It was compelling without giving away any kind of spoilers. The story had characters that were very relatable. And the music played a major role emotion-wise.


TV Special: THE OSCARS 2017

No. of viewers: US = 32.9 million; World = 1+ Billion


And the Oscar goes to… Marketing!

It was another glamorous night in the 89th Academy Awards. Where else can you see all things Hollywood? Even though its audience share dropped from last year, a billion worldwide is still amazing. And people will keep waiting and anticipating for the winners to be announced.

Image is everything and each celebrity will outdo the next one in terms of designer clothes, glitzy jewelry or hairdo. Which attire is disastrous and which ones are iconic? What are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban wearing? Who was Leonardo DiCaprio’s date? These curiosities feed the fans’ longing for just a glimpse of their favorites. It’s like putting up great visuals with your content to reach a truly wide and diverse audience.

Those worst-dressed stars will be shared on social media even before the ceremony starts. Remember 2014’s selfie tweet from Ellen DeGeneres? Nothing has ever topped that yet.


3rd lesson: Be prepared for the worst

And who can forget that bizarre twist of events at the last category? Be prepared for the consequences (envelope mix-up). And that was what happened.

In the end, there were no losers in the Oscars. Not even Price Waterhouse, Oscars’ bungling auditing firm. It may affect the brand, but not the business.


So there you have it. Film and television successes that marketers should consider as content marketing help. Whatever lesson you can get from these hits, always remember that content will always be king and marketing it won’t always be easy. A big budget will definitely help but the real medium here is creativity.

Annie Ianko

Content Geek

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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