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How To Win At Content Marketing? Be An Expert


MARCH 2017

Attention Business Owners! If your Content Marketing team doesn’t know who their best friend is, then you’re probably pouring money down the wrong funnel and into the drain.

Organic content is and should be the content marketers’ best ally. It can be the most effective aspect of your strategy. But while it is very helpful, you still need other components like great quality content, data analysis and SEO. Combine all these and your target audience will be able to find you at the very moment they need you – that’s zero time lost at because they want answers fast.

Here enters organic content. It has undoubtedly barged into the generation of the expert. Those with some form of expertise and uncommon knowledge who are passionate about their subject matter should create a lot of the “good stuff.” But what can you do to become the source of knowledge and be called THE expert?

Here are content marketing help for all business owners in their content 2017 strategies:

Write like a teacher

Being an expert is in a way educating your audience in one content type or another. Think of how you would teach someone something. What problems do you foresee them having? Create your content like showing your audience how to do certain things.

Just like a teacher, break down the “big picture” into bite-sized lessons of content. For example, if you’re in the refrigeration business, how do you teach your readers how to defrost your freezer properly? Or, which containers are safe to freeze food in?

Lessons and “how to’s” can be made through different content formats – videos, slides, and infographics – the visually good stuff.

Be a collector

Collect and accumulate a huge amount of data, statistics, facts and just about any bit of information about your niche. Be on the lookout for any trends in your market and know the right facts, global sales, market demands, and new technology. If you’re in the paint business, know important housing trends and innovative design concepts. What do millennials like in terms of color combination? Learn about the history of colors and pigments or the mixing processes. Relate paints to different cultures. In other words, with all the data you have, content creation ideas can improve your expert status.

Answer possible deeper problems

It’s alright to talk about the possible scenarios your readers might have when dealing with their vacuum cleaner or iRobot or lawn mower. But unless you can show or explain how to solve possible deeper or more complicated problems they might face, you will just be sounding like a regular FAQ or Gadget Manual. Have a ready blog about different and possible and even uncommon situations regarding your equipment. Your problem-solving skills will get readers into coming back because you’ve touched more than just surface level and the information you’ve given is worth revisiting.

Be niche-focused

Trends and hot topics can be a great source of expertise points. You can get a lot of related niche-focused content ideas which people are talking about. If you’re niche is gardening, you could keep up with today’s hot topic about climate change and how it affects homeowners with lawns and gardens. Or pest outbreak problems could help building owners keep their surrounding safer. The trending topics can get a lot of local attention which you can use to create quality content.

Brand yourself – the Passionate Expert

You are your own special brand. So market yourself as an expert content provider at your niche. What past experiences have forged the expert you? What is it that made you so passionate about this topic? Your readers will be curious as to what qualifies you as an expert even while sending you passion.

Any form of historical background or even small victories – just to show your audience you’re no amateur. So include some posts about the expert you.


It’s easy to just order business owners to stop trying to trick Google, Bing and Yahoo! and just create great organic content and focus on substance rather than ranking.

In the end, it’s always your market that will give you the distinction of being an expert. There are already leaders in your market with their own set of rules. Learn from the leaders and then break away from the pack and slowly create your own kind of expertise. When you’ve become an expert content provider who fulfills or answers a need, no doubt that ranking will surely follow.

Annie Ianko

Content Manager

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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