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Revamping Content Marketing Strategies – Why You Should Consider Doing It Now


MARCH 2017

The first quarter of 2017 is almost done. That means Spring will be here; that means we could do a little Spring Cleaning in our homes. And for business owners, you could use a little help with content marketing Spring cleaning.

Content marketing is an effective and powerful tool that can help us connect with our customers.

If you’ve noticed a dip in social interactions or you’re getting less leads, maybe it really is time to clean house! Take out the old, useless, boring and non-productive stuff that don’t help your brand or your website, and infuse in some fresh new things, or try new innovations. In other words, start revamping your content marketing strategies and make your content work for you.

  1. Look back on your content marketing strategies

It’s never too late in the year to revisit your strategies and see if anything needs fixing. You may have one or two that didn’t really result in what you expected the previous year. Maybe it’s time to change one or two. Or maybe it’s time to remove all and start a fresh and inventive strategy. 2016 gave us so many exciting innovations to try in 2017, so you sometimes need to have a no-fear attitude or else productivity will suffer for fear of failing.

  1. Do something that’s different

Yes, it’s been said so many times, especially in content marketing, but different may mean doing something no one else has ever done. If you’re still using an all-text type of content, it’s time to live a little and use some new (and not so new) content types. To name a few: videos, quizzes, and podcasts. But remember, not all types are appropriate for your content and some may not appeal to your target audience.

 Come up with a lot but zoom in on a few

  • If you think infographics is the most fitting, then create something you’ve conceived to be the best representation of your story. If you’re not too savvy with graphic design, use online tools that can help you out. A good example is Canva that lets users create attractive images and presentations.


  • If you have videos already, you might want to remaster it (like what Hollywood does to black and white film classics) and add a few overlapping videos that are so entertaining. Or better yet, do an actual remake of your videos using non-professional actors with nearly the same script. Then why not post it on your YouTube channel?


  • Another video type is doing some form of real-time live feeding. It started in 2016 and will explode exponentially this year. Live video will be widely used to engage target audiences in real-time and it can be impromptu, unscripted and more authentic. It has a certain genuine feel that no pre-recorded video can deliver. Brands can use live video for announcements, product launches, live Q&A and many more.


What sets it apart is that audiences can see your company or brand in a more humanized way and get them to spontaneously engage with someone they can relate to. The more popular examples are Facebook Live, Instagram’s livestream broadcasting, Snapchat’s live and Twitter’s Periscope.

Your content should deliver something fresh to add to the conversation. Different content that’s something new will give your brand the impression of a leader and not a follower.

  1. Imitate what works in the competition

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So flatter some of your best competitors by imitating (also known as stealing) their content and video types. Check what seems to be working for them then copy it but make yours are more engaging, more informative and more attractive. In other words, more superior.

  1. Share your blessings

It may well be called that but what is meant here is to share your impeccable content. Neil Patel says you should probably spend more time sharing your content than creating it. If you’ve never heard about the boy and his best friend the armadillo, it’s probably because nobody has ever read it and nobody shared it. Sure, it will get some organic traffic but unless someone shares it, it will never reach a lot of people.

So look at your arsenal and see which of your blogs, infographics, or videos you can A.) Share on Facebook, B.) Tweet about C.) Share in newsletters and emails.

As a form of help with content marketing, share your work on other platforms including reddit, Medium, Instagram and Tumbler. But share carefully and strategically.

  1. Use boosters and promoters

For new marketers who want their blog posts to reach the widest audience at the most affordable cost, the best way is to use Facebook Boost or Twitter’s Promote.

Facebook boost is the simplest form of advertising on Facebook. It gives an already existing post on your business page a “boost” in visibility. This means, your post, once approved, more people will see this post on their news feeds. One effect of boosting  is more engagement with the audience (likes, comments, shares).

Promoted Tweets practically do the same thing: reach a wider group of users and have more engagement (like, retweets)


Revamp done

After revamping and tweaking what needs to be fixed, do what your content marketing strategies always do, track the results and then see where it brings you. Don’t expect instant results. A good month to 6 months will suffice and what you will see is a whole new view of what strategies to keep again or ignore again.

Annie Ianko

Content Manager

Annie has 19 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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