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Why TV Shows In 2016 Made It Big Through Their Great Content



It was a resounding success for television shows in 2016 and America relied on television for some form of entertainment. We still relaxed to hit shows that depicted our lives through drama, comedy or reality TV – thanks in part to some networks’ very appropriate content writing.  Let’s look at some of 2016’s hit shows both new and continuing and maybe some script writers can take note from a good content marketing provider. Then ask the perennial question: What made them the year’s most successful shows?

Westworld (new series):

Imagine a theme park composed of artificial beings or robots. This is the plot of Westworld which is based on a 1973 film of the same title. The normal show that we all know is that of humans being the heroes and the robots are the bad guys. In this show, roles are reversed and it’s the humans who are the antagonists with the robots are the good guys. The dialogues are well crafted and there is also diversity. It tells us that’s it’s okay to make changes in content and not follow mainstream TV.

Atlanta (new series):

This show is about two cousins who want to make it big in the rap scene. The main focus is to showcase the typical lives of black people within the music industry and in the South. Its creator Donald Glover wanted to create a show where the main characters are not your average white actor. And that he showed what black culture is all about especially having an all-black writing team. This kind of subtle diversity proves it can be a critical and financial hit. Key content target: diversity.

strangerthingsthumbjpg-6ab191_1280wStranger Things (new series):

The show is like a remake of some hit movies collaged into one very gripping show. It has preteen kids as the stars (think of E.T. and Goonies). The setting is in a small sleepy quiet town with an issue that involves everybody (think Halloween). And the main enemy is something unseen or alien (think of any successful alien film). We can all have content that was based on previous successes – a little piece from this and that. It tells an intriguing story that builds up to the season finale with an innocent sincerity as portrayed by the kids.

Game of Thrones (old series):

What made the novel of George R.R. Martin so engrossing that it would be a sin not to adapt it on any screen is its many intriguing scenes and complex characters. It makes readers so immersed in every important role, you feel what they feel, you develop an attachment to them, and you feel anger or deep sadness when bad things happen to them. Such is the talent of this writer. It has spanned 6 seasons and looks like it’s not going to stop soon. Let’s hope Martin doesn’t take too long to give Westeros its final resting place. But June 2017 is still so far.

Big Bang Theory (old series):

Any seasoned writer will advise you to always have a sense of humor in your content. Even a serious topic like science or death should be given a tinge of comedy. This show is about four normal nerds who toss sarcastic jokes to each other while at the same time giving non-nerdy references for the audience to understand. The jokes are not always about Science but about relationships, daily conflicts and Sheldon’s obstinacy. Their fights don’t aggravate, they rather endear you to them proving that geek culture isn’t bad after all. It made us assume that the show is all about science and no one likes that. But it really is about daily relationships, their dreams and desires. Science was just the backdrop.

the-walking-dead-season-7-rick-lincoln-michonne-gurira-cci-key-art-1200x707-1The Walking Dead (old series):

Everybody loves zombies. It’s now a part of American pop culture that the fascination with the undead has stood the tests of time. TWD’s appeal is in the premise that humans are unconsciously curious about what might go on in an apocalyptic future and how will we survive. And the writers can thank those who stoked the fires of this fear. The CDC’s server crashed when it posted a blog about surviving a zombie apocalypse. The National Geographic Channel also featured a series entitled Zombie Apocalypse Survival. A good content marketing provider will play with people’s emotions to get attention. And fear is one of them.



Some of these shows are in mid-season breaks while others will have new seasons next year. And with some of the best scriptwriters in the industry (like having great content writers), we can only wait in jovial anticipation for their return. Here’s to even better TV successes in 2017.

Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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