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Content Marketing a 2016  Retrospective:

This Year’s Changes And How They Will Impact 2017


Content marketing was no doubt the key way that marketers garnered customers for 2016. Content was king across the internet and social media and was the primary way that businesses influenced customers to buy their products and services. Whether it was through listicles, blogs or long form articles, it all worked to attract buyers and answer their call for more.

While there were several changes in content marketing that occurred throughout the year here are the most influential and will impact what happens with content going into the New Year. If you haven’t made these changes to your content marketing strategy for 2016, be prepared to undertake them as soon as possible as they make the difference

Here are the top changes in content that occurred for 2016:

  1. Quality Content Remains King

While content used to be published for the sake of having content available, 2016 became more about producing relevant content. Customers are fickle and want information that meets their needs. The changes in content for 2016 introduced the requirement to create content that solves problems, inspires, and above all else causes engagement. Creating content to just have more pages on your website is a thing of the past as search engines are savvier and look for content that is exactly to the consumer’s search requirements. Without the move to quality content, you are left in the dark without anyone to read the information you are putting out.

  1. Platforms Are Constantly Evolving

From tablets to cell phones, consumers are using more mobile devices to read content and want sites that are optimized for their viewing. This is in addition to the looking for content in a variety of places. Search engines aren’t the only way that customers are searching for content as social media plays an important part in their lives and is often the only way they are getting their news of the day. A content marketer needs to be aware of where their customers are looking for content and be there front and center. Without conforming content to cell phones and social media sites, you will be hard pressed to find anyone paying attention to your content – at least not in the way you intended.

  1. Visuals Are Key

With the move to mobile devices and faster networks, consumers want visuals to support the information they are reading. Changes in content should reflect this 2016 trend and should be able to highlight what is being discussed in content posts. Customers want to see what is being talked about and photos and videos are what they expect. They want a highly interactive experience that allows them the full-on opportunity to understand the content. Visuals were key to 2016 and will be an even bigger part of 2017 as more content is shared across social media sites and across the web.

  1. Customers Are Proactive

Throughout 2016, the customer proved they are proactive in seeking out the content they want. They no longer sit back and wait for a TV commercial to show them what they need. They actively seek out the products and services they want and you should have changed your content accordingly, as customers will easily move on to your competitor if yours isn’t to their liking. They want what they want now and are willing to get as much information as they can about a product or service before they make a purchasing decision. Without content surrounding this idea, a customer will move on and forget about you before they have even had a chance to try you out.

As 2016 comes to end, it’s not too late to include these changes in content to your content marketing strategy as 2017 will prove to incorporate these techniques as well as some new approaches that are sure to change the face of content marketing going forward.


Annie Ianko

Conten Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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