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Happy Thanksgiving from Your Dedicated Content Provider Iris Content




They say there is no rest for the weary, not even on Thanksgiving. We all know that the internet does not sleep, so should your content marketing. It will be hard to put off Thanksgiving weekend of no-strategizing while the rest of the competition is at it ahead of you. This is the time for family bonding and sharing gratitudes about everything. But the elements of your content marketing strategy are everywhere, it’s hard to ignore! Our theory is that the Pilgrims knew about this, we just weren’t aware of it. Check out the elements that should be included in a successful marketing plan.


Your content’s topic, tone, relevance and look should be molded to fit your target market. It’s like speaking with one particular person (or community) in mind and knowing where they are in their buying process. Like this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, you should already have a list of people you know would love to be with you, enjoy your food, and share stories and updates. This is your target audience. Those you are sure will “buy in” to your invitation to come.


How you are going to deal with your content? You already know your topic, tone and look. Plan on how, when and what time you are going to distribute it. Plan on how your audience is going to devour your content. All text or with infographics, videos and images? During this time, you plan what to cook so your read your grandmother’s recipe book again and make a list of what to buy, you go shopping and fight it out with an elderly lady for that last turkey in the poultry section.


It’s never about the size of the turkey that matters. It’s always about the quality of the taste that makes it memorable. How it looked will only be second to the memory of that great tasting meat delectable stuffing. And like content, if quality is bad, they might not come back next year.

Remember, a great eBook, blog or any other kind of content doesn’t happen overnight. It’s given time for research with good writing. You can’t rush a content that is visually inspiring and full of valuable information. Even if your all-text content is good, spice it up with something more attractive to the eyes or ears! Blogs take time to “marinate, baste and cook.”


So your content has all the qualities to make it stand out but what a waste of writing, if nobody could find it and read this sensational blog post of yours. Use SEO to boost your chances of being found by the right audience typing in their queries. Focus keywords must follow certain rules like being in headings, and smoothly placed around the article. It should have a keyword-containing URL, meta titles and descriptions.

These SEO elements are like the spices, blings and all the trimmings in your main content dish – the turkey. Like a swarm of bees, finding that gloriously sweet glaze will be a piece of cake, or in this case, a piece of meat.


And so everything is ready. Now is the time to let the world know about it. Make sure there is enough promotion at a well-planned frequency. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or StumbleUpon, a good schedule of postings is the best way to go. This is like preparing your gravy or cranberry sauce – enough for everybody to try it and savor its taste. Then we can go to the final course: dessert of apple pie.


Analyze your content marketing strategy after all the content has been created, published and distributed. Find out the results of your analytics because they determine the decisions you will make after seeing the reports. We want to see ROI and the results will help. But just by seeing the happy and contented faces of your guests, hearing the steady streams of burps, you know that your ROI is very good!

If you do decide to give yourself a break from all the strategizing, we will be happy for you. Have a good meal, great laughs and peaceful slumber before going back into the grind. Come out refreshed and remember all those elements from your Thanksgiving dinner and wonder, maybe the Pilgrims did have a vision into future of content marketing when they held the first Thanksgiving celebration, after all.


And because this is a time for being thankful and expressing gratitude,  the Iris Content team would like to take this opportunity to thank you all our faithful readers and our customers for the trust you have been placing in us with your content needs. Your business means a lot and your appreciation and continued support will help us build an even stronger and more competitive content provider agency for your needs, in 20017.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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