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Ways to Give Wings to Your Crowdfunding Campaign Content to Raise More Money

As a new entrepreneur with at least one million dollar idea on your mind and an overdrawn bank account, you have two options at hand: you could either abandon your dreams and sit back and watch how other people fulfill theirs, or explore every single path that could bring you closer to business success on your own terms. Fearless and confident as you are, you are ready to move mountains, and give crowdfunding a try to raise money for your project.

Why Crowdfunding?

At the beginning of your part exciting, part daunting journey as an entrepreneur, you are inclined to avoid unwalked paths and closed doors leading to financial risks, frustration and lost hope.

This is why you may be wondering: why is crowdfunding an excellent starting point for startups? The numbers paint a pretty picture on their own, showing that investors are already pouring millions of dollars into clever crowdfunding campaigns. According to recent stats cited by Forbes, the value of the crowdfunding deals recorded annually may reach the $90billion milestone by 2020.

In this context, if you’re tired of swimming against the current while trying to promote your own brand using your own scarce resources, or feel like you’re constantly shouting into the wind in an attempt to attract sponsors who always turn out to have deep pockets and short arms, consider launching your very own crowdfunding campaign.

“If you’re tired of swimming against the current while trying to promote your own brand using your own scarce resources, or feel like you’re constantly shouting into the wind in an attempt to attract sponsors who always turn out to have deep pockets and short arms, consider launching your very own crowdfunding campaign.”

5 Tips on How to Boost the Efficiency of Your Crowdfunding Campaign Content

So assuming that you already know how to develop a cohesive campaign around your product to raise the interest of a large segment of potential investors and make them open their wallets, what’s next?

The biggest challenge is to create and implement an effective marketing plan to support your crowdfunding efforts. If you’re already making the first steps in this direction, here are five tips that you should follow to minimize your effort and achieve the most satisfying results-(yes, we’re talking about raising more money that you can count, and building a solid community around your recently launched company/brand).

  1. Connect Your Marketing Message to an Emotion. As you can imagine, influent investors are tired of sales pitches with no real substance. Generally speaking, wealthy individuals like the ones you’re trying to attract through your crowdfunding campaign have very little desire to interact with people who ask them for money, unless, of course, the cause that is being presented to them resonates with some of their most potent feelings, emotions and future goals. In this situation, the lesson is this: create and maintain a connection between your marketing message, and the emotions you pack and deliver through your content. In other words, balance and sweeten the corporate talk with a pinch of humor and sentimentalism to humanize your brand, and individualize the story that you build around it.
  1. Add and Highlight Baits. We will let you in on a little secret: all investors, even the ones who are filthy rich and dying to get involved in philanthropic actions, keep their eyes on the prize. Whether we’re talking about social recognition, a medal or equity participation in a new startup, all these “rewards” act as bait for potential campaign supporters; therefore, before adding your CTAs to your crowdfunding campaign content, make sure you’ve highlighted the surprises that you have in store for those who are willing to get financially involved in your project.
  2. Visualize the Rollout of Your Crowdfunding Initiative. Next, set up a timeframe for your fundraising initiative, and follow a few basic steps to meet your campaign-related deadlines.
  • Start by setting up a calendar to keep track of all your campaign strategies
  • Before the launch, roll out a website and a blog, and promote your new venture on social media platforms; turn to content marketing to promote your brand in a cost and time-effective manner; and also don’t forget to collect emails from potential supporters. This tactic would allow you to pitch your idea to your targeted audience, fuel a dialog with those who maintain interest in your brand, and keep your community up-to-date with your work.
  • Create a marketing event to launch the period of crowdfunding and start harvesting the fruits of your ongoing content marketing efforts.
  1. Come up with a Multi-Dimensional Narrative. Create a story around your crowdfunding campaign. Your narrative should be focused on several key elements, including:

A novelty factor. Ask yourself the following question: How is your product different (in a good way) than the rest? Make sure your concept is worthwhile, and innovative enough to address a scarcity or pressing need on the specific market you’re targeting.

An element of surprise. Through your stellar copy, make your investors and competitors ask themselves: How come I didn’t think of this before?

Background check. Background elements will help you build credibility and trust, and fuel solider relationships with potential investors. By describing your past experiences and struggles, you could create a deeper bond with the people who are most likely to help you reach your funding goals.

Current realities and future goals reflected by numbers. By adding facts and figures to your copy, you could reveal your transparency, while setting up realistic goals and making predictions. This is a great method to show prospective investors where you stand, and where you would like to get with their support.

A pitch simplified to one key phrase. Organize brainstorming sessions with your team members until you finally succeed in reducing your pitch to one quotable phrase representative for your mission, purpose and vision. Based on the key “less is more” principle in copywriting, simplify your message to make it recognizable and memorable, and encourage your team to express it in several ways, without expanding on more than five talking points.

  1. Explore the Power of Multimedia Elements. When it comes to boosting the reach and success rate of your crowdfunding initiative, there is no such thing as going overboard with your campaign. Therefore, feel free to tackle a plethora of social media channels to raise awareness and interact with your public; enrich your written content with a myriad of multimedia elements, such as quality photos of your product, infographics, charts and even memes. Unleash the power of content elements that could go viral in a matter of a few seconds, such as YouTube videos or podcasts. Use hashtags to position your product within your industry, and build a large community around your brand.

Even the Greatest Marketing Tool Requires Great Marketing Strategies

As SocialMediaToday points out, crowdfunding is a potent 3-in-1 marketing tool, acting like a marketing channel, research tool and promotion tool at the same time. At the same time, every crowdfunding campaign requires exceptional content to stay visible and relevant on an already crowded platform, where thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs rub elbows with their rivals in an endless competition for eyeballs and dollar bills.

If you’re working long hours to promote your campaign without seeing any notable results, choose to spend your money wisely on professional crowdfunding campaign content writing services that could give wings to your startup idea and help you welcome more investors on board.



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