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Boosting Sales Can Be Easy With The Right Copywriting Formulas

There are thousands of formulas out there in the world, but the one all copywriters would love to have is that sure-shot formula to increase conversion rates and increase sales. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were as simple as X + Y = Z, where X is Good, Y is Content and Z is Great Sales! Waze, directions to this formula, STAT!

But alas, it is not that easy. Which is probably why, so many companies are terrible at copywriting.

Each one of these companies has an incredible product or service that they want to sell and with the best copywriting formula, it could well be selling like hotcakes. But the copy should be like a great story. And the copywriter, its best-selling author.

We all love a good story – where we can somehow relate with the unsuspecting hero living in a somewhat unhappy life. Like in Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter, our reluctant hero undergoes a transformation in conquering his fears and enemies. This hero formula is one of the best templates being used by great copywriters. Just like in the movies and books, the story-telling template is the same only with different characters.

It may be simple but it can be the most versatile copywriting style when used in selling products or services. And the best revenue-jacking method is honing properly a top-notch copywriting skill. This is why every entrepreneur should have it.

So let’s suggest these copywriting formulas that you may want to practice on.

  1. KTM – Know your Target Market

By knowing your target market, you can zoom in on a specific need or problem that they face. Once you have narrowed down your specific audience, you can clearly define the connection between the benefits of your product and solving their gripes.

  1. TNY – They Need You

It is important to emphasize that your audience needs your product or service. You have to give them the consequences of not having your product in their hands to solve their termite problem or their ugly bathroom grime. But be careful in instilling fear while giving the consequences. Your grade school teacher probably told you that if you do not submit your homework, you would go straight to hell – well, it probably sounded like hell but it was actually, the principal’s office. Having a scary consequence will backfire on your brand so avoid using this tactic. You need this product, yes, but it shouldn’t be “You need this product, or else!”

  1. PPP – Paint a Pretty Picture

A good story-teller can paint a pretty picture and let a reader’s imagination run wild. It’s not just describing what your product looks like; it is describing what would be the effects of using your product in the comforts of your home surrounded by your happy loving and satisfied family. It’s a picker-upper and a feel-good description. If there is a heartbreaking background behind a certain solution, say it like you would in a rags-to-riches story that could inspire your potential customers. Instead of writing something like: “She talked to the manager about getting a company loan.” Why not be a bit more elaborate and sentimental and say: “There have been some employee conflicts involving Jane who secretly has debt and family problems. All these she hid from her colleagues only to break down one day and seek help from Bob, the manager.” Get the pretty picture?

  1. STB – Seeing the Benefits

Get your buyers to know how your product can help solve their problems. Sounds familiar already? The difference is that the buyers don’t want to hear a litany about your product’s impeccable features – some of which aren’t really very useful. Waterproof car speakers? You don’t even allow drinks inside your automobile!

Buyers know what they want in a product and if they don’t see the end results, they won’t read any further. I would imagine myself eating a perfectly cooked heart-shaped pancake while reading through a stove’s non-stick features. Buyers should be able to see themselves having a go with your product. Or else the benefits don’t seem very clear.

  1. PP = Proposition Presentation

Present what you are offering. What are the benefits of your product or service? Don’t just settle for the “If you buy now, you’ll get A + B + C. Wow!” And if they see that they need their ABCs, they will anticipate and want to see the “But wait! There’s more!”

At this stage, they’ve already given you’re their full attention. Potential Buyer now becomes Kinetic Buyer! All because you’ve explained what they get plus more.

  1. SOLD – That’s it! Product sold!

The sixth and final step is the actual selling. This the trickiest part because we really don’t want it to appear that we are selling anything. But remember, you showed the need for your product and the consequences of not availing of it. It should be smooth sailing from here.

“Present what you are offering. What are the benefits of your product or service? Don’t just settle for the “If you buy now, you’ll get A + B + C. Wow!” And if they see that they need their ABCs, they will anticipate and want to see the “But wait! There’s more!”



In the end, we see that people don’t like reading webpages and they don’t like reading sales pitches. They just like to scan them. You need to entice the reader to stop scanning and actually read your content especially if they see great information that could be useful.

Unlike math, copywriting formulas have no guarantees. Sometimes, how you write your copy isn’t the main issue. It is more of what you are writing that makes a great copy. Delve into the mind of your customer. Know what tickles his fancy and what excites his soul. Then the words will just stream down smoothly.

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Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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