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Content Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Yet Trying

Many companies strive to craft and deliver stellar content to keep their targeted audiences informed and engaged around the clock. However, only the ones that manage to keep up with the most recent trends in content marketing can actually see substantial returns from their writing.

Are you still pinching pennies, even though you are constantly sleeping in a head-on-the-desk position and suffering from caffeine overdose and frequent migraines? Do you still see content marketing as a painful, exhausting and somewhat pointless trial-and-error cycle?  If so, perhaps it’s time for a change.

5 Online Marketing Strategies That Will Get You Far in 2017

When it comes to rethinking your online marketing strategies, there’s no time like the present. To make sure that your future efforts won’t be disrupted by a thousand unforeseen circumstances, here are 5 fresh, foolproof content marketing strategies that you could personalize and implement to achieve all your organizational goals in 2017.

  1. Creating Reader Personas. Do you sometimes feel that your writing lacks depth and direction? If you are constantly troubled by this concern, maybe you are worried that your content fails to address the real needs and expectations of your audience. In this case, consider creating reputable, realistic reader personas that will guide you towards a better understanding of your targeted segment of public. How do you do that? Start by opening a Word document and listing the attributes of the people who are already reading your blog and/or responding to the calls-to-action that you have strategically sprinkled throughout your website content. Enumerate the most prominent features of your ideal reader profile to become more aware of your audience’s necessities and desires. As ProBlogger points out, by elaborating and using reader profiles, content creators can personalize the blogging experience that they ensure, identify new opportunities to boost visibility and revenues, anticipate the questions and reactions that their future content pieces may trigger, and adjust their writing to add real value to their readers.
  1. Using a Complete Set of Tools to Win at Content Marketing. Many small business owners hesitate to develop, implement or upgrade new online marketing strategies simply because they are afraid that following a new direction in content creation may cost them too much time, money and energy. In all honestly, no one wants to get tangled in a web of to-dos that go well beyond their level of expertise and comprehension. The good news is that all business owners, even the ones who are anything but tech-savvy, can step up their content marketing game by using a wide range of free or inexpensive tools available online. Every single step involved by content creation and distribution, such as research and search engine optimization for example, can be simplified by using a basic set of tools. For instance, Quora enables content marketers to become familiar with some of the problems experienced by their potential clients, and focus their writing on these issues to deliver practical solutions to their audiences. Storify is a great source of inspiration for writers, considering that this helpful tool gives them the chance to turn the nucleus of social media posts shared by others into compelling stories that could individualize and grow a brand. Evernote provides a simple way to organize and store creative ideas that could become food for thought for future content pieces, while tools such as Moz, Screaming Frog, Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner enable users to improve their search engine optimization strategies and get their pages on a better position in search engine results. Ideally, in order to perfect your writing on all fronts you should select a tool for each task that you have to complete (research, SEO, editing and so on), and create your own toolkit that will turn the overall content marketing cycle into a simpler, more enjoyable and rewarding journey.
  1. Crafting a Fun, Creative Story around Your Brand. Once you count on a full arsenal of content marketing tools and are familiar with all the particularities of your reader persona, you can think about the elements that would turn your amalgam of personal and professional experiences into a compelling, original story that you could share with your audience. To win the hearts of your potential clients, replace those dull, ineffective sales pitches with subtle magnetic hooks added to a story designed to humanize and personalize your brand. Done right, brand storytelling justifies your online and offline presence, reveals the core of your background, mission and vision, and constitutes a fantastic relationship-building tool.
  2. Give Wings to Your Content. How often do you let your ideas fly and land on more fertile grounds? While the quality of your content is a key factor that you should always focus on (after all, content is still king in 2017), the way in which you share and promote your writing is just as important as the value of the ideas you put on paper. Clearly, a larger audience would offer you the opportunity to enhance your content exposure like a pro. In this context, we can strongly affirm that Google-friendly link building tactics are not dead. Guest posting is the key to building healthy relationships online, while also putting your best ideas, expertise and skills in front of a larger audience that is likely to be interested in what you have to say, become a part of your community, and support your own marketing efforts. Therefore, don’t hesitate to guest post for relevant players in your industry/niche, by linking to the post from your own blog, promoting the new material on social media several times, thanking the other person for the opportunity, and providing feedback via comments on your post. At the end of the day, you can always ask the other person supporting this mutually beneficial collaboration to return the favour by guest posting on your website.
  1. Outsourcing Content Marketing. Relying on a team of experts specialized in content marketing is always a safe bet for any type of business, especially the ones that do not count on any in-house talents with valuable expertise in content creation and distribution. By outsourcing content marketing you could gain access to custom technology and an innovative vision meant to empower your workforce, tap into a deeper understanding of your audience, build stronger relationships with the ones who could support your business grow, and ultimately boost sales and profit.

“The good news is that all business owners, even the ones who are anything but tech-savvy, can step up their content marketing game by using a wide range of free or inexpensive tools available online. Every single step involved by content creation and distribution, such as research and search engine optimization for example, can be simplified by using a basic set of tools.”

If you feel determined to step up your content marketing game, start by applying these simple, highly customizable online marketing strategies. While you’re here, let us know what type of content marketing techniques work wonders for you in a comment below.

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Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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