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Viral Content: Is It Really Worth the Effort?



It’s no secret that the Internet is an overcrowded place frequented by millions of users that would very much like to get their hands on a generous portion of fortune and fame. So how come some manage to make an amazing first impression, seduce their audiences over the shortest period of time, get tons of subscribers, fans and views, while others simply sink into oblivion? The answer is not difficult to anticipate: quality web content makes the difference between winners and losers on any online platform.

The Features of Viral Content Crafted by Experts in Content Writing Services

Any first-hand provider of web content writing services can tell you that fun, informative, engaging content with a real substance is the key element that can help you rule the internet, and preserve a solid competitive advantage on any niche. Viral content is that type of writing that we can perceive as absolutely contagious and buzz-worthy.

Think about that cat video that you are tempted to watch at least 10 different times at work, or the funny and totally relatable memes and infographics that you can’t wait to post on Facebook and share within your social circle with just a few clicks. As different as they may be in terms of purpose, style and structure, all these types of content have something in common: they send a powerful message that cannot be ignored, and spark many conversations on social media channels.

Viral content can take many forms, and provides a series of benefits to any brand that crafts and distributes it, with help from a team of professionals in content writing services. A video, an image or a text fragment that has the power to go viral a few seconds after being uploaded allows its creators to build and maintain a solider connection with their community members, while also expanding their reach and attracting new fans and followers. Naturally, this increased exposure enables brands to maximize their influence, consolidate their position in their industries, and fight for supremacy on their niches.

3 Steps to Take to Create Viral Content

So assuming that you want to conquer an online market by creating high quality websites ensuring the best user experience, what are the key ingredients that you should mix to produce viral content without setting your brain on fire?  While no two recipes for creating magnetic, extremely shareable content are alike, we can assure you that you could achieve the desirable results by following the 3 key steps detailed below.

  1. Tell a Great Story. Start by writing the beginning and the end of the story that you are trying to tell about your brand and products. Correlate it with the most stringent necessities, concerns, problems and demands of your audience, and present it in a fun, engaging, completely transparent manner. Let your readers discover you one step at a time, just the way you are-flaws and all. Remember that people are more inclined to share a story with a positive message that they can actually relate to; so keep your negativity at an all-time low level, and start a meaningful dialogue with your audience via the story that you’re planning on sharing with them.
  2. Push All the Right Buttons. Some of the best content writing companies know how to play with the right set of words to evoke powerful emotions and trigger specific actions. You may be wondering: how do these typing ninjas actually achieve their goals? For starters, they know exactly which buttons to push to convince their public to respond to their CTAs. They work with various different concepts, or buttons, including “taboos”, “secrets”, “unusual”, “hilarious” and “outrageous”. All these nouns and adjectives define the things that any audience expects from an industry leader/influencer: first-class, accurate information, exclusivities, and expert insight taking the form of daily solutions to their problems, served in a truly original and engaging manner. By learning how to push all these triggers at the same time, you could finally create and distribute stellar viral content, and make sure that you and your potential consumers speak the same language
  1. Be Concise. Be Bold. Be Visual. Brevity is one of the main characteristics of viral content. Designed to seduce viewers at a first glance, content created to go viral in a split second get to the point rapidly and tell a compelling story using a minimum number of words or images.

Also, this type of web content creates a long-lasting impression through the unique perspective that it introduces. Even when revolving around mundane concepts, viral content always manages to surprise its viewers with new interpretations of things that have already been done to death, proving that there is still plenty of room for improvement and innovation, even in the overcrowded web.

By clearly stating the purpose of the content piece, using intriguing adjectives, creating magnetic headlines, including high-impact visuals that are easy to share-such as charts, infographics or memes, and adding actionable takeaways to your body copy, you could get a few steps closer to brevetting your personalized recipe for viral content.

“Some of the best content writing companies know how to play with the right set of words to evoke powerful emotions and trigger specific actions. You may be wondering: how do these typing ninjas actually achieve their goals?”

Learning and Growing with the Best Content Writing Companies Is Always a Good Idea

If you can’t find your path to awe-inspiring content creation for some reason or another, don’t hesitate to let a team of experts in content writing services guide you on the shortest road to the online and offline success of your business.

Need help with your content? Go with a reliable, professional provider. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can change your content reach for the better.


Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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