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3 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Win in 2017


Content, content, content! Everywhere you go, everywhere you look around you, content is what you can rely on to understand this constantly changing and adapting world. It makes sense, thus, that content marketing is such a dynamic field it will not stay the same every year. What was yesterday’s news may be no longer something you can use to promote yourself, your business, your services.

Many content marketers are looking forward to 2017, now just a mere four months away, hoping it will bring more inspiration, m re involvement, more sales, in other words. But hoping won’t bring one anywhere, and a content strategy built on hopeful one-time actions and sudden bursts of content creation will not yield result. Not in 2017, not ever. A few things are already starting to shape up, so Iris Content can already show you a few of the tendencies that will shape content creation in the year to come.

Two clear facts about 2017 content marketing

  • Hoping for short-term strategies and short wins? Reconsider a long-term strategy. We have all seen it before: many marketing agencies will be more involved in getting immediate value on their content. So they would go with easy solutions: website redesign, paid media advertising, spot marketing campaigns that are overpaid and overthought and that will bring immediate hype and… nothing else, really. But content marketing doesn’t work that way. It is a vehicle that will best serve any company on long-term, and based on a sustained effort. In 2017, more than ever, a real strategy will be the winner: one that will incorporate every new trend in an organic, well-planned and well-executed manner.
  • Quality is still something you don’t want to put aside. Yes, content is still the King of online marketing. You won’t be able to sell anything without it. Many marketing agencies have made the error to hire general, inexperienced writers, in the past, to carry out their important marketing messages. All for the sake of saving some money on copy and paying more on ads. In the long run, these efforts will prove counterintuitive. Quality comes from experience, from a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the online work. You cannot have this cheap. Or, you can, but don’t be surprised when your results will be as cheap and weak….

What are the tendencies for 2017?

Video and interactive content will be the absolute winners

This tendency has been around for a while, we have seen it more and more used throughout 2016. But 2017 will definitely be the year of interactive content. Everything from video sharing, social media sharing to visuals sharing will help bring your marketing efforts frontstage. Want to be relevant? Communicate with video work, with high-quality visuals, infographics, well designed graphics and other types of content that are fitting for your industry.

While the quality of images and videos will definitely matter, another thing will also help your content marketing prevail: a good script. Think movies: how many films were actually saved by good writing and how many failed because astounding visual effects could not save a badly written plot? The same goes with your video and interactive marketing.

Social media content- still here, still strong

Yes, we have seen it grow like crazy. The past years have undoubtedly brought about a rise in social media influence. Your company has probably already tried to leverage it. But 2017 will bring an even stronger social media reach influence. In other words, if you haven’t caught up until now and haven’t been too active on social media, in 2017 you may face extinction, if you don’t take measures to change this. customers love reaching out to their favorite brands on social media and, more and more, those brands are reaching out in return. Your social media presence will have to be well coordinated and executed, in organic relationship with your content marketing strategy. And no, doing it in-house is no longer a valid solution!

Customized content will take over

Your audience is changing organically. The advent of internet has basically help educate customers, make them savvier, more prone to buying from places where information and value are important. Their buying habits have changed. Their reading preferences have, as well. Recent research shows that a full 90% of customers find custom content useful and valuable, which means that things like personalized CTAs, custom landing pages, and directed sales messages are the way to go in 2017. These forms of content not only tell readers that you’re paying attention to them, their demographics, and their needs, but they also serve to set your company apart from the rest and help provoke brand recognition and attachment.

As shown by influential online marketers recently, over 70% of the marketers are considering an increased content marketing budget in 2017. With the right tools to use and the right strategies, your company can also win at the game.

Throughout these upcoming months, Iris Content will give you more trends and an educated guess on how the 2017 world of internet marketing will be looking. So, make sure to follow our blog and keep updated with the latest info.

Need a content marketing plan? We can help. Reach out for a full evaluation of your site and blog and a content marketing strategy customized for your exact needs.

“As shown by influential online marketers recently, over 70% of the marketers are considering an increased content marketing budget in 2017. With the right tools to use and the right strategies, your company can also win at the game.”

Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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