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Afraid of Your Content Marketing Results? Here Are 6 Products You Cannot Possibly
Fail With



Yes, I know, competition is a real killer these days… Try to make a bold marketing move online today and a dozen other businesses just like you will have already made that same move. Write about something that seems novel and intriguing, you will have the surprise to see a few hundreds of new posts on the same topic.

Let’s face it: even if the internet is so huge and there is virtually room for every one of us out there, the realm of topics and marketing ideas is rather limited, no matter what everyone may be telling you. So, being original may not be something as easy to achieve as you originally thought. But, don’t despair: your content marketing strategy is not doomed at all. The key is being perseverant and professional, staying on top of trends and remaining a constant and serious source of reliable information for your readers. You just cannot fail by staying true to your marketing strategies and constantly updating your content.

Here are just a few of the content products you can successfully master for greater content marketing success.

1. Blogs

By having a blog, you are increasing the engagement with your audience by educating, informing and developing your business in front of them. A blog that is full of relevant, intriguing content can help to raise your profile, improve your credibility and increase the number of sales and leads you generate. Statistics released by Social Media B2B indicated that 67% more leads were generated by B2B organizations that had an active blog compared to those who don’t.

WP Curve’s blog offers a fantastic example of this. As a WordPress website support business they don’t use their blog to go into technical details about the back-end of WordPress like many others do but instead, demonstrate ways that their clients can target their customer audience through the software. They publish helpful, relevant posts that are truly focused on their customer base – entrepreneurs who are running virtual businesses on a small budget.

It should also be noted that Google favors those web pages that feature 2,000 words. Those who rank in the top 10 feature this quantity of words amongst the keyword they have been picked up for and you will find that the higher search results will feature a larger amount of content than those below them.

Therefore, by increasing your blogging efforts, you will not only help your rankings but will also meet the requirements of the search engines, which will aid your growth initiatives.

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2. Webinars

Another great way of engaging your target audience is through webinars. Research demonstrates that these can be incredibly effective as they allow you to connect with other businesses to share your concepts and market your services. Webinars can be used for a whole host of things including the promotion of your services / products, training purposes (whilst this isn’t a ‘sell’ as such it demonstrates to you users how your product works and how easy it is to use), increased brand awareness and generating email lists.

Furthermore, because these utilize video you’ll also be achieving Google video search results, which will help to add to your video marketing strategy too.

3. Video Marketing

Statistics indicate that during the process of researching services and products for their organization 43% of B2B customers will watch videos. Team that with the facts that YouTube is in the top three of most popular websites in the world and is a search engine in its own right and you can see why video content is so crucial in your inbound marketing strategy.

You’ll need to make sure your videos stand out from your competitors in a way that is compelling yet informative, and how-tos are a great way of doing this. Integrate calls-to-action and links to your website and you’ll drive traffic to your site, which will help to generate even more leads.

Cisco (a networking systems provider) uses their YouTube channel to show prospective clients what they can achieve with their services but in a way that hooks them from the start. They take a topic that perhaps isn’t the most interesting but they make it so with their content and even their headline, “Welcome to the future-ready network.”

4. Case Studies

Internet reviews as well as various testimonials from clients are known to have tangible influence over the leads your business will generate and the overall impact of your business, as Dimensional Research demonstrated. Their studies found that when it came to negative reviews 86% of buyers were swayed by these and 90% were influenced by positive ones.

As reviews can be found, even if you don’t want them to be, you need to take control of them and utilize them in your marketing strategy.  You have a way of using the positive reviews you receive and incorporate them in an organic way. Ask clients who left good reviews to be guest speakers in your webinars, or place the client business’ logos on your portfolio page. You can also use social media to spread all this positive feedback.

5. Infographics

Due to the amount of information that is available online, it’s crucial that you look at ways you can make this more digestible for your customers and infographics are a great way of doing this. The infographic format comes up with new, informative ideas and information, but it can also incorporate your selling points, in a much more engaging way than a simple blog.

What’s more, these creative little stories that you form are incredibly easy to share on Social Media, on Google+ and in emails etc. which can help to make them go viral. And, if you link these to your website you’ll be creating strong backlinks to help drive your Google rankings higher and bring more traffic to your website.

For example, Flowcrete is a B2B flooring specialist and they successfully use infographics to turn potentially uninteresting topics (i.e. hospital flooring) into an engaging format that is easy to digest and informative.

6. Social Media

Utilize social media channels to promote your exceptional content as this offers you the ultimate platform for reaching out to potential customers. There are over 2 billion people around the globe that have an active social media account, with the average user spending 2 to 3 hours a day online, which provides an invaluable source for driving new customers to your site.

For example, GE successfully uses their Pinterest page to create boards that display their company journey, what likes the company has and what they’re inspired by. This has the positive effect of making the company look creative, forward-thinking and humanistic; influencing and stimulating businesses into purchasing from them.

However, we mustn’t forget the true value of LinkedIn for B2B marketing as this is proving one of the most successful channels for business with over 80% of the leads generated by B2B businesses coming from LinkedIn. It’s a platform to showcase your business and is a valuable source of good, viable leads.

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Annie Ianko

Content Happiness Advisor

Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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