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10 Ways Blogging Has Changed in 2016

10 Ways Blogging Has Changed in 2016

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It’s 2016 and that means blogging techniques are starting to grow out of those awkward teenage years and develop into mature content. Blogging has evolved from a leisure activity into a legitimate blogging marketing career choice for content creators who have developed a knack for knowing what to blog about to garner brand awareness.

So, what’s changed with 2016 blogs? Let’s take a look.

  1. It’s the End of the “Blogger”

Blogging in 2016 is no longer about the blogger, but the influencer. Today, people are building businesses and making money without even having a blog. They’re using Instagram and YouTube and a host of other platforms and with those come ample opportunities. Posting something on these platforms is less time consuming and makes for real-time engagement and metrics.

  1. Size Counts

Blogging marketing has become about size. With more people heading online for their information, blogs need to cut through the clutter and deliver value. This year the trend is towards longer posts aimed at bringing in qualified traffic.

  1. Bye-Bye Comments

We’ve noticed a shift towards less comments in a post. Creators don’t want to spend their time managing comments. Readers don’t want to engage on blogs. That’s why as blogging techniques have changed, so has the way readers engage. That engagement is taking place on social media. Blog owners are encouraging comments on Facebook and shares on Twitter thanks to dedicated comment plugins.

  1. It’s All Gone Mobile

If your site isn’t mobile responsive, you need to get there – and quickly. What we mean is your site needs to change as the screen size changes. It needs to be instant and it needs to be elegant. Google is punishing sites for not being mobile-friendly. Many on-the-go readers are checking out your blog on a smaller screen, so you need to audit the experience.

  1. Page Views Matter Less, Engagement Matters More

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that page views equal success. While that indicates one blog may have more readers than others, page views have become less relative. The same goes for other blogging techniques. They don’t exist in a vacuum and can only be meaningful if they lead to something else. As we said in point 3, blogging in 2016 is about interaction and engagement.

  1. Graphics Can Make a Big Difference

This can be daunting if you’re not a graphic designer, but you don’t need to be. What we’re talking about is large and easy-to-read graphics your readers will want to share and that support your content. Canva is a great tool for just this.

  1. Endorsements and Blogging Marketing

Blogging techniques now include a section for endorsements. Word of mouth is an important sales tool and visitors are more likely to trust and buy from you if they see positive feedback.

  1. Information Density

This has been a major theme among 2016 blogs. There is a critical need to concentrate on unsaturated content niches. Content is no longer a novelty. If you want your voice, brand and business to stand out, you need up your blogging game.

  1. The Inbound Model is in Jeopardy

These days, sites like LinkedIn and Facebook want to be publishers of your 2016 blogs. They don’t want to send any links back to your site. They want to be your blog. Your content won’t be any less important. In fact, you may get more visibility with these new blogging techniques.

  1. Distribution is Crucial

Once you know what to blog about that will get people talking, you need to find more ways to take your content to your audience. Great content has become the starting block and distribution and ignition strategies have become the hard work that will deliver economic value to your company.


Blogging marketing is here to stay. It’s going to continue to evolve in its role as the most important content creation strategy for businesses.

Have you noticed changes to blogging in 2016? Share them with us below!

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