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User Generated Content Marketing: Can It Grow Your Business?

User Generated Content Marketing: Can It Grow Your Business?

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If you’ve never heard of user-generated content, it’s time to sit up and take notice. This is one important tool in the world of content marketing. Your fans and followers’ comments, photos, videos and other types of interaction can all promote your brand and business. At the same time, you can reach out to your target audience in a far more authentic way.

User Generated Content Marketing 

2.2 billion people use social media. They spend an average of 6 hours every day looking at content created by the brands they choose to follow. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube are the sites most of these people are hanging out at. That’s a ton of leverage your business could be missing out on if you’re not implementing the right content marketing strategy.

Not sure what effect user generated content marketing could have? Take a look at Adobe’s latest acquisition of Livefyre. Livefyre is a user-generated content curator that is set to integrate in Adobe’s marketing cloud. By offering quick access to user generated, real content to tell brand stories, marketers will be able to soar ahead of their competitors.

Essentially, brands that can blend professional assets with authentic user-generated content marketing will be able to paint a more complete picture for clients and prospects.

What Can User Generated Content Do for Your Business?

Here are 5 ways this form of marketing can help grow your business:

  1. Promotional– customer input is a fantastic promotional tool for businesses. For instance, the fitness model with three thousand Instagram followers is perfect for advertising a protein powder brand.
  2. Trustworthy – people tend to trust those they choose to connect with on social media. In fact, it has been reported that 92 percent of social media users trust user generated content marketing more than they trust traditional advertising.
  3. Relevant – most people will promote services or products that are relevant to them and their network of followers.
  4. Influential – content marketing has a clear influence on consumers. Nearly 60 percent of respondents surveyed say that they consult social media before buying something. The majority of millennials say user-generated content influences their purchases.
  5. Memorable – this kinds of content marketing sticks. People remember user generated content for all the above reasons.

How to Make the Most of Content Marketing

If you’re looking for ways to boost your sales, you need to build connections and engagement with your target audience through their own content.

According to a survey conducted by marketing platform, Offerpop, consumers are eager to have their content featured by their favorite brands. But, brands don’t want to be forceful and don’t offer clear instructions for submitting content.

How can your business get past this? Marketing experts agree that visual media competitions, such as those requesting video or photo submissions, are an effective strategy for user generated content marketing. These kinds of submissions empower customers to be your brand’s advocates. You could also ask your fans and followers to tag posts or photos of themselves interacting with your company, services or products. This is a great way to promote your brand in a more thoughtful and personal way.

When almost 90 percent of consumers claim to find user-generated content marketing more influential than any brand-created content, it’s time for your business to listen.

Brands need to have a proactive content marketing strategy that helps them connect with customers and inspires content creation. Your business can then leverage that content to increase performance across all your channels.

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