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If Your Brand’s Content Personification Were a Dog, What Breed Would It Be?

If Your Brand’s Content Personification Were a Dog, What Breed Would It Be?


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Does your brand elicit tail-wagging, heavy panting excitement? Or do you feel like you’re lying in a corner with your tail between the legs while other brands get all the attention?

If you want your brand to be the socialite of the pack, it’s time for a little positive-reinforcement training.

What Is Brand Content Advertising?

You’ve heard of content, branding and advertising – but what is brand content advertising?

It’s worth mentioning that branded content advertising isn’t exactly the same as content marketing.

Jan Godsk from the BCMA offers the best branded content definition:

Branded content advertising campaigns are associated with entertaining content, such as creative video campaigns. The aim of this type of advertising is to resonate with your customers on an emotional level. It’s not completely about focusing on the actual product.

Did that elicit a sideways glance and perked-up ears? Read on!

Three Amazing Branded Content Examples

There is a myriad of emotions that brands can evoke. The right branded content tools will combine the right emotions to provide entertainment value.

It won’t leave your audience shaking with fear or whimpering with worry. It should leave them giving you a “high-five” or coming back for another treat.

That’s what branded content should be evoking. You want to encourage feelings of content, nostalgia, warmth and excitement. Perhaps even eagerness to learn more.

Before we get into what dog breed your content is, we’d like to share three incredible examples of branded content.

  1. Dove and the Self-Esteem Boost

The Real Beauty campaign from Dove aimed to get women to feel better about themselves. The video looked at how women are critical of their appearance. Two sketches were compared. One was based on the women’s own descriptions of themselves. The other was based on stranger’s descriptions.

We like to think of it as that loyal Pug who loves you know matter how you look and vice versa!

At the time, the ad became the most popular branded content online and one of the most shared videos. It got social media buzzing and strengthened the brand’s strategy.

  1. Volvo and the Epic Split

This video shocked and inspired. It combined a soothing sunset, a well-known actor and an extraordinary stunt.

This particular campaign is a great example of how content and company can work together.

Volvo Trucks may have a target audience of truckers, yet this video appeals to just about anyone.

The result was over 70 million views and nearly 10 million shares. It became the most viewed automotive advert of all time.

This one reminds us of the confident Border Collie who excels at agility stunts and wins over hearts.

  1. Dumb Ways to Die

To reduce train accidents in Melbourne, Metro Trains came up with a strategy that turned boring public service announcements into entertaining brand content that people would take note of. The video combines morbid humor with adorable cartoon characters.

The campaign became a global hit and one of Australia’s most successful campaigns in the public service arena.

Sad looking bulldog you can’t help but adore, anyone?

So, What Breed Is Your Brand Content?

What do you want your content and company to achieve?

If you’re going for leader of the pack – an expert in your industry – you’re going to want to be confident. We’re thinking Golden Retriever. You’ll want your content to be fun-loving, smart and self-assured. Your content takes charge, yet remains calm in the face of any situation.

What you don’t want is content, and a brand, that is standoffish. You don’t want to be the unruly Jack Russel who, at first, struggles to form a strong bond with your audience.

What is great about independent breeds, is with the right nurturing, they can form strong, loyal bonds.

Isn’t that what you want with your customers?

How We See Our Own Brand Content

We like to think of ourselves as an adaptable breed – the German Shepherd of the pack.

We’re keen to take charge of your brand content to help you become the strong, confident leader you deserve to be. We have the knowledge and expertise to take your brand, and business, to the next level.

If you want your brand content advertising to get tails wagging, paws dancing and treats flying your way, talk to us about your content needs today!


Annie has 18 years’ experience as an editor and content creator and manager. With work in television and written media, she has dedicated her past 10 years to learning the ropes of online content creation, from writing to editing, from SEO to content management.

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