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Why Should Your Business Start Blogging? Five Reasons To Start A Blog Today

Why Should Your Business Start Blogging? Five Reasons To Start A Blog Today

business-bloggingMany company owners tend to stay away from business blogging, fearing this would be a lot of hard work or it would cost a fortune to develop. Ironically enough, though, blogging is one of the most efficient and cost friendly marketing tools that are being used today.

So why should your business start blogging? The short answer is: because every blog entry is an opportunity for your company to get more online visibility and attract more customers.

And to convince you further, here are the main reasons why your company needs to start blogging today.

1. To attract more customers

Provided you are posting top quality content and you are doing this on a regular basis, you will keep existing customers coming back. And that is not all: they will recommend your blog to others that may become your clients. A company blog is arguably the most useful tool that will establish your brand. But remember, the only way to have success with this is to provide regular and very good informational content.

Another thing your blog will do is to sustain customer relationship. How, you will ask? On a blog you use an informal tone, which creates a friendly background for discussion. Customers will feel they know you better. Also, by providing your clients useful tips about your services and products, they will feel the need to comment on your blog. No other method can actually offer you more feedback material, so your business can profit from that.

2. To keep you connected to social media

When you have valuable content already tested on your blog, it is easier to post it further on Facebook or Twitter. Actually, blog developers have introduced great plugins you can use to automatically tweet the title and link every time you post. Other tools also send your tweet or post to Facebook. Having your content on each one of these sites gets you additional exposure and increases the chance that your content will be found by other potential clients.

3. To earn you an expert status

If you are either a B2B company or you are selling to other customers, the ‘expert’ status is important. It can help you sell tenfold better, for one. Then, when you become an expert in the eyes of your social media clients, they will return for your advice regularly and they will usually bring someone else with them. This is actually a strategy that can be extremely cost efficient. Just think about how much money large companies are spending on advertising and on acquiring visibility in the eyes of the world. For infinitely less money you can do this in a way that can generate a 200 percent increase in business sales. And your customers will not see you as an aggressive salesman but rather as someone who is more interested in helping them, sharing expertise with them.

So what do you have to do? Just post regular blog posts that offer tips to customers or insight into your specific industry. Teach them how to use a product or service, tell them how they can improve their life with it. If you are not scared of sharing or giving too much info away, you will soon become the expert in their eyes, that person who can answer their practical questions. This will increase your sales exponentially.

4. To stay up to date in your industry

At first you will be blogging about things you know. But soon, you will need new ideas and new solutions. So you will learn new things and discover new business potentials. This will keep you connected to the newest and the best things in your specific area of expertise. In other words, you will really become the expert your clients will be looking for.

5. To build loyalty and bring in more traffic to your website

Generally, people will want to subscribe to your blog and get every new post. Nothing can spell loyalty more than this. When you have a prospect periodically showing up, they will definitely get interested in doing business with you.

Then, from your blog, they will usually click the link to your site, and just by a few posts you can double your traffic to your company site.

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